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How to Get Your Guests to Actually Use Your Baby Shower Registry

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How to Get Your Guests to Actually Use The Baby Shower Registry


Planning your baby shower can be both an exciting and daunting experience. Let’s face it, a huge part of a shower is letting family and friends take part in the fun of preparing for the new baby. But as we know, it’s very expensive to purchase all that’s needed for the bundle of joy on the way. While it’s fun dreaming about all the adorable outfits and baby booties you’ll surely get, the fact is—gearing up for baby is way more than that.

So, since many people enjoy showering moms-to-be with baby clothes, how can you get your guests to actually use your baby shower registry?

► One great way is to get your baby shower planner onboard. This may be your best friend, sister, mother, in laws, or whoever is helping you with the big event. Have them organize ‘big ticket item’ teams among the close family and friends on your guest list. This way you’re sure to get necessary items like the car seat, crib, stroller, high chair, crib bedding collection, etc.


How to Get Your Guests to Actually Use The Baby Shower Registry

Tip: Organize groups interested in ‘going in on’ big ticket items like your complete baby bedding collection!


► Another way to nudge your guests over to the baby shower registry is to make sure you include a variety of items to fit different budget sizes. If your registry only includes expensive items, the folks that are on a tight budget will be forced to wander off on their own to find a gift that they can afford. It’s not likely to be what you want, or need. Make sure to include things in the $10 to $20 range. Think about including items costing between $25 and $50 for your close friends who may want to spend a bit more on baby. Finally, make sure to include all of your big ticket items. You never know, with some guests like Aunt Marie or Grandma; the sky’s the limit!

► Some moms-to-be make the mistake of registering at only one store. This really limits your guests, and it’s one of the common reasons why some baby shower attendees end up not using your registry. Some may feel that it’s not convenient, that your chosen store may be too expensive, or any number of other reasons. How about considering the use of a Universal Baby Shower Registry? You can add products to your registry list from any store, anywhere. This is a great way to include your out of town guests who wish to shop for baby items online. That way all of your guests have more choices available to them. Also, with a Universal Baby Shower Registry, you can create separate gift registries for your office shower, for relatives, for friends, and for neighbors!

Do you have more tips or feedback on how you were able to get your guests to shop from your baby shower registry? I’m sure some of our Baby’s Own Room first time moms could use the tips, and we’d love to hear from you!


Baby’s Own Room Quick Tip: Gearing up for baby can be an expensive undertaking. Although many moms-to-be are blessed with gifts from friends and family to defray these costs–the fact remains that baby items can be costly. Thank goodness for baby showers! Make it easy on your guests by providing them with an organized and convenient Universal Baby Shower Registry. 

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Healthy Toddler Snack Recipe: Popsicles Made From Fresh Berries

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Baby's Own Room is sharing two different ways to create your own delicious popsicles homemade from fresh berries. Everybody loves me, I’m a Popsicle!


If you’re looking for a fun way to get your toddler to eat more Vitamin C rich fruit, then you will love these recipe ideas for popsicles made from fresh berries! What’s more, they’re so easy to make. You can buy specialized popsicle molds in cute shapes (like animals, stars or moons) if you wish, but any small container that you can put in the freezer will do.


Just in time for the warmer weather, Baby’s Own Room is sharing two different ways to create your own delicious popsicles homemade from fresh berries.


The first step is to make fresh fruit juice and then freeze it. Blend a cup of raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries. Pick fruits with plenty of natural sugars for a sweet taste, such as blueberry. Now you will have a bunch of fruit mush. Sieve the mush into a saucepan until it is smooth and seed-free, and mix with a cup of water. Pour into popsicle molds, place a wooden popsicle stick half in to the mold, and place in the freezer until set. The fruit juices make wonderfully vibrant natural dyes, and the result is delicious!

Baby’s Own Room Quick Tip: What fruit you end up using is all up to you–all fresh fruit is a great source of vitamin C. If you are going for antioxidant properties, though, pick something dark blue like blackberries or blueberries. Strawberries are a great source of Vitamin C, with 160% of your daily allowance per cup (compared to around 50% for raspberries and blackberries).

The second way to make fruit popsicles is simply to fill a popsicle mold with plain water and whole berries (choose small ones like blueberries, or alternatively dice up some strawberries). Insert a wooden popsicle stick as above, and freeze. Your toddler will have so much fun licking the popsicle to get to the berries inside.

What’s your favorite homemade snack recipe? Share it in a comment and we’ll feature it in our Facebook Community for moms and dads!


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Benefits of iPads and Technology on Early Childhood Development

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The Benefits of iPads and Technology in Early Childhood Development


When should you introduce technology to your little ones? That is a question many parents find themselves being faced with these days. While each family will ultimately make the decision that best suits the values of both parents, Baby’s Own Room would like to share some information we’ve learned about the benefits of iPads and technology on early childhood development. One thing for certain is that many parents are introducing iPads and other forms of technology at a younger age. On a personal note, my 2 year old grandson could teach me a thing or two about my iPad! 

With more and more devices being introduced each year to consumers, the benefits of technology early on in childhood development is a hot topic of debate. While traditional forms of teaching in a classroom should always be considered as top priority, technology usage in a child’s early years can definitely help them with different areas of learning. The more options given to a child that can help with communicating and learning skills, the better chance they will be prepared when they interact in the real world.


Here are just a few benefits technology and iPads can offer younger children.

  • The iPad and similar technology offers children an opportunity to learn in a very unique way that can carry over from the classroom to the home.
  •  With more teachers in preschool and kindergarten incorporating iPads in the classroom, the children can be more prepared for elementary school and beyond.
  •  Children can further their classroom taught skills by playing games at home.


More parents are introducing technology to their children at a younger age. Learn about the benefits.


Quick Tip: The first type of app that would be beneficial for a child would be the interactive apps. Because the child will get more excited when they are involved in an open ended type exploration, these apps work great because they allow the child to make multiple responses to a particular problem. The responses need to be made after a certain set of variables play out, which help the child to focus more intuitively. 

Constructive apps are even more beneficial for children in their early development because they allow them to use more of their brain power to create and build rather than simply doing repetitive math equations. The apps can help to create both cognitive development and involvement because they do not offer basic rewards. The child is motivated by the challenge of the application and not so focused on a reward. This helps to benefit the child by letting them explore their minds, helping them to formulate different possible scenarios that push and challenge them.

What other benefits of iPads and technology have you noticed when it comes to your child? If you enjoyed this post, we encourage you to share it with your friends and family. Thanks for dropping by and make it a great day.

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How To Choose the Best Toddler Bed

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Quick Tip: If your baby has suddenly realized his or her Houdini skills and is able to escape the confines of the crib, then it is probably best to move to a toddler bed.


Congratulations, your previously tiny baby is finally graduating from the crib to a toddler bed! Toddlers are, for the most part, ready for the toddler bed at about the age of 1 to 3 years. It’s best that you not make the switch too soon. Remember that your baby is most likely to sleep on the toddler bed until the age of five, and will spend about 12 hours daily sleeping. It’s key that you take your time to ensure that the toddler bed you choose is comfortable–as well as safe. This week, Baby’ Own Room will concentrate on how to choose the best toddler bed.


Quick Tip: If your baby has suddenly realized his or her Houdini skills and is able to escape the confines of the crib, then it is probably best to move to a toddler bed.


The first thing you should consider are the side rails. Since kids normally toss and turn a lot at night, it’s best that the toddler bed you acquire for your kid has side rails to prevent tumbles. Some will have high rails attached, while others may just have slots in which you attach them. We suggest that you help your little tot feel safe and secure while transitioning to their new big girl big boy bed with the use of Child Craft’s bed rails for toddlers.


Keep Your Toddler Safe and Secure With Toddler Bed Guard Rails


Kids are playful and it is expected that they will bounce on the bed for several years. Remember that fun nursery rhyme, 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on The Bed? I still remember how much fun it was as a kid! It’s advisable that you ensure that the bed is sturdy and can withstand the bouncing for several years. To get this property out of a toddler bed, the frame should be made of solid wood, which will be costly. However, the investment will get you through the toddler years smoothly.


More Toddler Bed Tips:


  • Considering safety standards of the material the bed is made of is paramount.


  • Some paintings and finishing used on the beds may be harmful to the toddler.


  • You ought to check for seals of approval of the bed before making the purchase.


  • Lastly and definitely not least, choose a bed that has smooth edges as opposed to sharp edges. This is to avoid injuries when your toddler is playing on the bed.


“In addition to all these things, choose a bed that is colorful. This is mostly for fun and to compliment the kid’s room.” ~ Baby’s Own Room


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Toddler Tips: Family Fun at Your Local Public Library

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4 Ways to Have Family Fun at the Library With Your Toddler


As many moms know, getting out of the house for toddler play dates and activities is one of the best ways for both mom and child to stay happy. Some of the best kid friendly activities and family resources are closer than you may think. Baby’s Own Room suggests that you find them at your local public library!

Instill a Love of Reading

We all know that libraries are the perfect place to find a huge selection of books about nearly any subject. Look for the children’s section and let your toddler search for the perfect picture book. Most libraries offer an area with comfortable chairs, making it a great spot to settle in and read with your child. While you’re visiting, pick up a book for yourself! Seeing mom and dad enjoying a great book can help instill the love of reading in children.

Listen in at Story Time

Look for a children’s activity schedule for times when library staff and special guests read their favorite stories. Visit during story time to connect with other parents and kids. It’s a great opportunity to learn about new authors and keep kids engaged. Finding other parents who are available at the same time as you each week is also a good way to connect for toddler play dates at the library.

Discover a New Interest

After reading a story, your child might take an interest in a new subject. The library is the perfect place to dig into those interests and learn more. Be sure to ask your children’s librarian if they have any activities available. They might have story recommendations, coloring sheets, or games that your child will love.

Catch a Movie

Most libraries offer more than books. Find out about the multimedia collection at your library. You may be able to borrow movies to watch as a family. Some libraries will also host movie nights for kids of all ages (often featuring newly released movies!) Get comfortable and catch a movie during your library visit.


How do you and your kids stay entertained during the week? Baby’s Own Room would love to hear from you. Schedule a visit to your local library to find fun for the whole family.

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