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Fun Ways to Celebrate Read Across America Day

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Ways To Celebrate Read Across America Day


Although not a federal holiday, Read Across America Day is observed by many folks who are passionate about promoting the love of reading. Baby’s Own Room is celebrating this March 3rd, led by the National Education Association (NEA) who is responsible for pushing for the very special day.

“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read with a child.” ~ NEA poem


I’m sure it’s not a coincidence that the day falls on or around the birthday of one of our beloved American writers of children’s books. Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer, poet, and cartoonist born on March 2nd, 1904. He was most widely known for his children’s books written and illustrated beautifully. We know him as Dr. Seuss. There are also many other amazing children’s book authors to celebrate on this day! Here are a few fun ways to celebrate Read Across America Day with your little ones.

  • Visit your local library. Many libraries and community centers across the United States participate in the day by bringing people together to take part in reading books. Find out if your local branch offers a read aloud event, book fair, or other fun reading activities for kids.
  • Make a reading pledge. Talk to your little one about why he or she loves to read. Learn more about the types of books that are enjoyed in your home. Then think about a good number to start with, and make a pledge. You can start by asking your little one how many books they think they can read in a week. Encourage them to add to the pledge to read as time goes by.
  • Visit a Children’s Hospital and read aloud to kids. Growing up on military bases, my mother always made sure that we did this once a year. My favorite part would be watching the kids who had memorized every single word of their selected stories. I definitely met some fellow book lovers! Nowadays, I’m sure that this type of event would need to be organized and planned out ahead of time for reasons of safety and the well being of all kids involved–but would be well worth the effort.
  • Donate books to your child’s classroom. Teachers are always looking for ways to grow classroom book shelves. Why not clear out the chest or box filled to the brim with old books that you no longer read? The other kids, teachers, and your children will all benefit from your generosity.
  • Write a book with your child. This can be as simple or elaborate as you like. I’ve seen a child write a book on a paper plate! Use your imagination and keep it fun.
  • Learn about resources to get readingThe NEA shares tips about reading to your infants and toddlers, reading lists, fun downloads and certificates, reading aloud tips, and much more. Have fun encouraging your little ones to become book lovers.


Sink Your Teeth Into Good Books - Ways To Celebrate Reading Across America DayClick Image to Download your free Poster from the NEA


Are you celebrating Read Across America Day? Drop by and let us know, we’d be happy to tweet, pin or share your event! Happy Reading, from your friends at Baby’s Own Room. 🙂 

Official Logo and NEA Image Credit used with expressed permission via guidelines.

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Fun Myths About Predicting the Gender of Your Baby

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Can You Predict Your Baby's Gender Using Old Wives Tales? Fun Myths Predicting GenderGirl or boy, You’ll bring much joy! – Author Unknown


How many times have well-meaning family members, friends, and even strangers started the conversation of your baby’s gender during your pregnancy? I guess it’s only natural for others to be curious. Fun myths about predicting the gender of your baby have been around for generations. Old wives tales have been passed down that promise to predict gender to a T. This week Baby’s Own Room decided to share some of the fun myths.  

Here are some fun myths that have been used to predict a baby’s gender. Let’s see how many of these you’ve heard. Warning: If you are relying on these myths alone, we strongly suggest that you go with a gender neutral baby bedding, just in case! 🙂

Here are some fun myths that have been used to predict a baby's gender. Let's see how many of these you've heard.

Your baby is most likely a boy if: 

  • You are carrying your baby low.
  • Your food cravings tend to be on the salty side.
  • Baby’s heart beat is slower, below 140 beats per minute.
  • Okay this one’s a visual and my favorite! You tie your wedding ring to a string, hang it over your belly and it moves around in circles.
  • You’re more prone to headaches during the pregnancy.


Here are some fun myths that have been used to predict a baby's gender. Let's see how many of these you've heard.

Your baby is most likely a girl if: 

  • You are more moody than usual.
  • Your food cravings tend to be on the sweet side. (Think sugar and spice and everything nice)
  • You’re carrying the baby high and really round.
  • Okay get out the string and wedding ring again. This time when you hang it over your belly it should swing from side to side if baby is a girl.
  • You suffered morning sickness pretty bad in the first 12 weeks.


Of course there are more scientific ways to determine the gender of your baby if you must know. But, for today we’re just chatting about the old wives tales passed down. Have any more to share with us? Did you successfully predict any of your babies using some of these fun myths? Baby’s Own Room would love to hear from you.

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Inspirational Quotes For New Moms

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Being a new mom is so many things. It can be exciting, scary, amazing, and a learning experience. Every single day is not going to be perfect, but at least something in the day will be! One thing that I learned is how getting inspiration from other mothers helped me along the way. This week, Baby’s Own Room blog will be sharing some inspirational quotes for new moms, by real moms. We hope that you get some encouragement when you need it and experience the joys of motherhood too. Remember the main thing, you ROCK!

If you have a favorite quote that gives you inspiration, please leave a comment. We are certain that you will help another New Mom on the Block. Feel free to share any of these with a new mom in your life, she’ll love you for it–and so will we. 🙂

Inspirational Quotes by Real Moms

Inspirational Quotes for New Moms

Inspirational Quotes for New Moms - New Mom on the Block Series #childbirth #labor

Inspirational Quotes for New Moms - New Mom on the Block Series #motherhood #hope

Thanks for dropping by and hope that you have a super day. Enjoy every moment. ~ Your friends at Baby’s Own Room. 🙂

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The 4 Best Things to Drink During Pregnancy

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 The 4 Best Things to Drink During Pregnancy

While most of us know that a pregnant mom-to-be needs to up her fluid intake during pregnancy, there’s still the issue of which drinks are the best for both mommy and baby. Baby’s Own Room checked all over cyberspace, and this top 4 list of healthy beverages is what we came up with. Nausea is a common pregnancy symptom that effects what you drink, but, did you know that dehydration can make matters even worse? So, if you are experiencing morning sickness–drink these very slowly and in small amounts to reduce your nausea. 

  • Water – Not surprising, everything we read agreed that water is the best drink, pregnant or not. In addition to flushing toxins out of your system, it’s also calorie free, refreshing, and has nothing artificial in it. If you’re like me, water can get boring. Some women find that adding a sprig of mint or slice of fruit makes it a more exciting drink.
  • Herbal Tea – As with everything else, take precautions when consuming herbal tea. Matter of fact we suggest that you talk to your health provider about the list of teas to stay away from during your pregnancy. Some feel that herbal tea may be good for you during your pregnancy. According to the, “many alternative medicine health care providers feel that using certain herbal teas during pregnancy is a great way to support optimal pregnancy health.”
  • Milk – Now this one was hard for me to swallow. I don’t much like the taste of milk, but it’s good for you, without a doubt. Aim for low fat milk that offers good things like Vitamin D, protein, and vitamin B12. Hope you like milk because it’s one of the best drinks to consume when you’re pregnant and beyond.
  • Decaf Coffee or Tea – If you are a coffee lover, you’re gonna LOVE this! Although you should limit your caffeine intake while pregnant, there are many delicious decaffeinated choices out there as an alternative. If you just can’t seem to give up your C-O-F-F-E-E, talk to your health provider about a safe limit for your specific situation.

Java lovers quick tip: Limit your caffeine, per day, during pregnancy to the amount found in two 5 ounce cups of regular coffee or three cups of regular tea. Reference: The Cleveland Clinic for more information on good nutrition during your pregnancy.

What are some of the drinks you avoided during your pregnancy? Other than high calorie milkshakes, sodas, alcohol, and sweet teas during your pregnancy, Baby’s Own Room says– Eat, drink and be merry. 🙂

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The History of Crib Mobiles

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Baby’s Own Room was fascinated to learn about the history of crib mobiles and decided to share it on the blog. When selecting a mobile for your precious little one, here are some interesting tidbits to keep in mind. For one, did you know that the very first mobiles did not necessarily move? They were actually constructed as sculptures. Literally, they were works of art. 

A well known American artist named Alexander Calder is thought to have invented–or been the inspiration for the mobile. Calder got his start as a freelance sketch artist. In the 1930s he began experimenting with the sculptures he’d been making (mainly circus animals made of wire and wood), and introduced moving parts into the pieces. Thus the mobile was born!

Evolving into popular accessories for baby nursery cribs, many moms-to-be wouldn’t dream of leaving them off the list. They are now looked at as musical toys meant to entertain our babies and hopefully soothe them to sweet slumber too. Ideally, after baby gazes intently at the crib mobile, sleep will come. Also, some suggest that you select designs that are black and white. These color contrasts are known to be easily seen by younger babies and can help stimulate developing vision.

Isabella Black and White Crib Mobile

Quick Tip: Black and white color contrast crib mobiles are usually the first noted by babies and may be most helpful in stimulating developing vision. Do you have a crib mobile listed on your baby shower registry?


Here are a few safety tips to remember when using crib mobiles.

  • The mobile should be securely placed on a rail that is well out of reach of baby.
  • Once a baby begins sitting up or can stand supported by crib rails, it’s time to put away your crib mobile.
  • Make sure to select a mobile with objects that are choke safe and intended for child play. This way you can cut the shapes or animals off the string for your older baby to play with.

You may want to check to see what the mobile’s song is–and the length of time your mobiles music will play. The mobiles at Baby’s Own Room play Brahms’s lullaby and fit standard cribs.  Share with us, does your baby fall asleep gazing at the crib mobile?

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