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5 Easy Baby Shower Planning Tips for Multiples

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Baby Shower Planning Twins


Are you the baby shower planner? Multiples are always exciting, adorable, but lots of work. Here are a few easy tips that you’ll need to keep in mind when planning a baby shower for multiples.

1. When sending out the invitations, remember to indicate that it will be a multiples’ party so your guests can buy gifts accordingly. Consider having some groups of people that will handle the larger baby gifts together, such as high chairs, strollers, cribs, bassinets, infant seats and car seats.

2. The baby shower must be a bit shorter than single birth gatherings – mothers expecting multiples get tired rather easily.

3. Focus on door prizes instead of baby shower games. Or consider playing just one really fun baby shower game.

Baby’s Own Room Quick Tip! After the babies are born, parents will need a lot of assistance when the babies come home. A good solution for this would be to create opportunities for visitors to sign up to assist the parents when the babies arrive. During the event, a sign-up sheet may be passed around then volunteer guests will be asked to write down the kind of help they are willing to provide–such as with housecleaning, laundry or meals. This is one of the best baby shower gifts you can give to a couple expecting multiples.

4. Consider choosing a theme and have the guests bring small gifts that can be compiled into one basket. For instance, consider:

  • Bath time Basket: Include baby shampoo, bath toys, washcloths, baby bathtub, bath seats, towels etc.
  • Bedtime Basket: Include blankets, pajamas, crib items, lullaby music and nursery monitor.
  • Book Basket: Include books for all ages – picture books, board books, comic strips. Guests may be allowed to contribute their personal favorites.
  • Safety/First Aid Basket: Include hygiene and medical items for babies such as swabs, cotton balls, teething drops, medicine measuring spoons, thermometer and other safety gadgets.

5. Parents expecting multiples may give birth earlier than projected. This means that the baby shower can even be held after the babies are born. This would actually be a more practical scenario because people will have a clearer idea about their wants and needs.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have more tips to share, leave them in a comment below. Thanks, sharing is caring! 🙂

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What to Expect at Your First Prenatal Appointment

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What to Expect at Your First Prenatal Appointment


So, you’ve taken a pregnancy test, it was positive and you are now definitely pregnant. Woohoo! During this exciting period of your life you will have to attend prenatal appointments with your practitioner, to prepare for the big day. Besides the fact that it won’t hurt to be prepared, you’re probably still wondering what your very first prenatal appointment is all about. If that is the case, this Baby’s Own Room post is the article for you.

► You Will Get An Official Due Date

Whether it’s your midwife, doula, or ob-gyn practitioner you are seeing, they will work out your due date for you. It’s especially helpful if you know the date of your last period or when you possibly conceived. If you don’t know, or the health provider is not sure how far into pregnancy you are, an ultrasound appointment may be scheduled for you to work it out. This will become a date you will never forget. 🙂

► You Will Get A Check-Up

During your first prenatal appointment you can expect a thorough exam. Your healthcare provider will conduct – a breast exam, weigh-in, blood pressure reading, pap smear and a pelvic examination.

► They Will Run Tests On You

If you have a history of pregnancy complications or issues, or if there is history of them in your family, the practitioner might order an ultrasound so that they can have a look at your baby. You will also have to submit to a urine test to check the levels of protein. This test is used to check for signs of pregnancy high blood pressure and Preeclampsia. If the doctor wants to rule out problems such as HIV, hepatitis, anemia and gestational diabetes; they will take a sample of your blood to test. The blood test will also be used to determine your blood type (if not already known), HCG levels, and a complete blood count.  These tests are very important to prevent issues like a low platelet count. If they find that it’s very low, precautions can be taken against hemorrhaging during a natural labor.

► You Will Chat About You And Baby

Your doctor or health provider will use this time to get to know about your health history.  It’s also a great time for them to give you some helpful advice on how to look after yourself and your growing bundle of joy. You can also use this time to address any concerns you have.


Baby’s Own Room Quick Tip! It’s a good idea to have a list of questions ready for your healthcare provider. Also, don’t be afraid to take plenty of notes! Remember, we are not Dr.’s, but merely wanted to share some basic things you can expect at your first prenatal appointment. Happy Mommy, Happy Baby! 🙂

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Five Frugal Tips for Decorating Nursery Room Walls

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Frugal Tips For Decorating Nursery Room Walls


Decorating your baby’s nursery is exciting, but if you have a limited budget it can be extremely daunting. You will need to find frugal ideas so that you can create the perfect space. You’d be surprised how many ideas there are to help get your nursery exactly how you want it to look. Often the nursery is a room in the house that has been neglected which is why it may take more time and effort.

Frugal decorating ideas are excellent, and can help you to save money for other items that the baby will need. Here are 5 decorating tips that Baby’s Own Room is only too happy to share.

1. Choose a great paint sale time, and don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Bright, primary colors are the most popular to decorate a nursery with, and what better way to finish the room than with a colorful border. You will need to find the best place to purchase paint, unless you are fortunate enough to be given some by family and friends.

2. Get creative and upcycle. If you are crafty and creative, you may be able to use magazine pictures, which have been laminated to decorate your walls. There are so many family and baby magazines to choose from. Removable wall decals are another fun idea to think about.


Pink and Grey Elephant Removable Wall Decals for Kid's Rooms


Pink and Taupe Mod Elephant removable wall decals by Sweet Jojo Designs will add a fun and colorful touch to any bedroom.

3. Use patterned paper as a border. An alternative supplier such as teacher supply stores will be far cheaper. These stores offer many different items that you may not have considered, including letters and numbers that can be perfect in the nursery.

4. Use your own personal photos. Photos that you have taken at your baby shower make great nursery wall decor. This is another great way to decorate on a budget, as these can be laminated, or framed at a low cost.

5. Stencils are another exciting way to be creative on a budget. Fortunately they are straightforward to use. You can use your imagination or get help from a really crafty friend to create your own style.

You will be amazed how creative you can be when you need to save money. Have any tips or ideas to share? Get started now by browsing our affordable wall decor ideas and happy decorating!  

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Baby Naming The Fun Way

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Baby naming should be fun, however, some parents get far too stressed over the decision process, which can cause problems. You need to consider carefully what you intend to call your baby, and ensure that it is a name that is timeless. Making the wrong decision with your baby’s name can cause problems in the future for your child. With that being said, here are some ideas that Baby’s Own Room came up with to make baby naming fun!

Baby Naming The Fun Way

  • Having trouble deciding on a name that you both can agree on? Start with settling on the first letter of the name. Then have fun making a short list of at least 3 favorite names that begin with the letter.
  • Flowers are a popular choice when looking for the perfect girl’s name. Daisy, Holly, Rose and Lily are still some fun names to choose without being over the top.
  • Gemstones are another alternative name. Make it even more fun and coordinate the name with the baby’s gemstone. Now wouldn’t that just be perfect? Some suggestions are Pearl, Ruby, or Opal. 
  • Another fun baby naming tactic is to honor the memory of a location, or favorite place. Where did you honeymoon or where did you meet?  The possibilities with these are endless. A few examples are Paris, Vienna, or Milan.
  • You may also want to name baby after “your” song. Be careful with this one! Have fun with the process of reminiscing and then come up with a name that symbolizes your courtship.

Every name has a meaning, and some have a fascinating history, but others are simply fun and entertaining. You need to think about whether you want a name that people will comment on for the meaning–or simply due to the fact it is entertaining or a popular name choice. Every name can be perfect if used correctly when naming your baby. Some people like to be unusual, and choose a name that is different and enhanced, by tweaking a traditional name. You may want to change some letters, alter the syllables, or even use an unusual name. Regardless of the name that you choose, you must be happy with your selection and be prepared for comments. Remember that names that are significant will last a lifetime.

Choosing a name should be fun, but you need to select one that is brilliant, right?  How did you choose your baby’s name? We’d love to hear from you. Happy baby naming from your friends at Baby’s Own Room!

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How To Plan a Baby Shower Quilting Bee

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How To Plan a Baby Shower Quilting Bee

Planning a baby shower can be one of the most fun parties you’ve ever put together. Sometimes the pressure of being perfect can take away from what’s really important. That is–creating an event that is personal, fun, warm and exciting for the mom to be and her guests. If you keep in mind the unique interests of your group of friends, you are sure to have great big smiles and happy guests at your event.

Have you run out of ideas on how to make your shower special? This week, Baby’s Own Room would like to share a unique shower theme that surrounds the closeness once shared at old-fashioned quilting bees. Read more for tips on How To Plan a Baby Shower Quilting Bee. 


Fall in love with this Birds Of Paradise Quilt at Baby's Own RoomBirds Of Paradise Quilt by Whistle and Wink


Back in the 1800’s quilting was more than just a hobby, much more. Actually, the quilting bee concept was born due to a known fact. What happens when a group gets together to complete a huge and time consuming task? Right, it gets accomplished in record time! They were also a wonderful way for women to gather, bond, and share knowledge with each other. Whether or not your baby shower guests are master quilters, incorporating it into the shower can be great fun and a learning experience too. Best of all, the mom to be will have a beautiful keepsake that was hand-crafted by each of her loved ones. We found a great deal of interesting stuff about the history of quilting and the social aspect of quilting bees at Quilting in America. You may enjoy checking it out for trivia to share with your guests.

Fall in love with this Wildflower Quilt by Whistle and Wink at Baby's Own RoomHand-crafted Wildflower Crib Quilt by Whistle and Wink

Here are some of our best tips for planning your special baby shower.

Quilting Theme Decor Ideas

Especially if your guest of honor has selected baby nursery decor that features quilts, this type of baby shower theme decor can be easily coordinated. There are wonderful invitations and baby shower favors out there to match the quilting theme. Or, if you are crafty, you can always make your own.

Think patch work, possibly even fabric invites! Decorate your party room with adorable color coordinated bees for an added touch.

Quilting Shower Activity Ideas

Have your guests bring squares of favorite fabrics to the shower, or the host can provide the squares. For best results,  they should be uniform in size — 6 square inches works really well for this project.

Provide fabric pens or paint so each guest can decorate her square with a picture or a message for the baby. Then the group can sew the quilt together at the shower, or one person can take the squares home and put it together later.

Play a trivia game about quilting and other fun things your mom to be enjoys. Let us know if you need more information on the history of quilting for your trivia questions.

Fall in love with this Fairyland Quilt at Baby's Own Room!Beautifully Designed Fairyland Quilt by Whistle and Wink

Think that you’d enjoy a Quilting Bee Baby Shower? It’s a nice way to remember the day and get everyone involved in a group project. Getting Social at your Quilting Bee Shower–How fun is that?!

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