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Kids Room Closet Organization 101

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Kids Room Closet Organization 101 Here's a look at some great ideas that can be a big help!


Have you ever felt a bit overwhelmed when it comes to organizing your kid’s room closet? Baby’s Own Room sure can relate. Finding the right mix of fun, tidiness and function can seem like a challenge at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a look at some great ideas that can be a big help. Hope it helps and enjoy.

Kids Room Closet Organization 101

Put Things Within Easy Reach – If your child’s the age when it’s time to start participating in getting dressed and cleaning up after themselves be sure to put things in easy reach for their height. There’s lots of cute ready to put together storage cubes that can be great for this. Let’s not forget the sooner the little one starts this sort of thing, the better for their sense of self-confidence and responsibility!

Make it Grow – Have you considered using wire closet organizers so that your kid’s closet design can grow along with them? This organizing tip can save some time when the little ones hit those adorable growth spurts.

Label, Label, Label – Organizing with the children’s help needs to focus on keeping it simple. Labeling what goes where with fun labels makes this a breeze. I’ve always had the kids make their own labels with crayon and sparkly stickers so they know exactly what goes where. This tip alone is worth its weight in gold!

Use Two Clothes Rods – Smaller clothes means putting in two clothes rods a slick move to making the most out of limited closet space. The higher of the two for what’s not worn as often and the bottom for the clothes your kids need to have easy access to. For two children using the same closet this is also a wonderful go to organization choice.

Always Keep it Fun – Remember a kid’s closet needs to be fun. Bright colors, favorite toys, stuffed animals, and maybe even fun wall paper inside–all have their place in keeping the energy high and happy. Get their input, you may be surprised at what awesome ideas shoot out in your direction!

Have pics of a before and after kids room closet organization project to share with us? We’d love to hear from you. Thanks for dropping by and happy blogging.


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