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Celebrating New Year’s Eve Family Style

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Ringing in the New Year Family Style! Fun ideas for the entire family.

New Year’s Eve is a great night to have fun, celebrate, and renew as a family. There are lots of things your family can do on this night in order to have a good time together. This week Baby’s Own Room will take a look at 3 fun holiday activity ideas. While waiting for the New Year to come in at midnight, why not share some laughs and good times. So read on and find out how you can celebrate the coming of the New Year–family style.

1. Have a Word Find Challenge

Using the letters of the words HAPPY NEW YEAR, you can see how many words can be made. Your entire family can do this by using a single sheet of paper and building the list together. This way, everyone gets to contribute and get involved in the list building. There are also some really great free printables out there on Pinterest and online.Follow Baby's Own Room's board Free Printables and Books on Pinterest.

2. Create a Family Time Capsule

A time capsule can be used to hold memories for a long-span of time. You can use the idea for a fun family activity on New Year’s Eve. Simply take a box and decorate it with stickers and paint. Each member of the family gets to write down something that is memorable about the past year and put it into the time capsule. Photos can be included as well. This capsule should then be closed and kept till the next year–when you can open it and reminisce about the memories you placed in there.

3. Draw Your Wishes on a Calendar 

Usually everyone has a list of wishes for the New Year. It can be great fun to keep all wishes together on a calendar. This way, you will be able to see your wishes come true throughout the next year.

All in all, celebrating New Year’s Eve family style can be loads of fun and there are a lot of things you can do to enjoy the moment. What does your family do to ring in the new year? Any traditions you want to add to the Baby’s Own Room list?

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5 Ways To Get Your Husband More Involved in Parenting

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How Can I Get My Husband More Involved in Parenting?


One thing is absolutely certain, parenting is a huge job. As a matter of fact it’s the only one in the world that has no start and finish time. However, at the end of the day, the most important thing that you can do for your child is to parent consistently and lovingly. As much as we’d like to do the best that we can, sometimes even the best moms can use an extra set of hands–or two!  What better hands than those of a husband or significant other? This week Baby’s Own Room is tackling the age old question, “How can I get my husband more involved in parenting our baby?”

If you are Blessed with a hands-on father who is involved with the daily tasks of caring for your baby, we say hurrah! Maybe you can also share some tips by leaving a comment, we’d love to hear from you. But, if you are like many moms who find themselves the primary caregiver with very little support–know that there are a few things that you can do. Most fathers actually want to take a more active role in caring for their children. Reasons such as being the sole breadwinner, long commutes back and forth to work, and fear of doing things wrong; are just a few of the issues some fathers are facing. Once you have communicated and found out about the unique issues in your family, you will have taken the first step.


The Beauty of Fatherhood - Quote by David Arquette


Here are 5 ways that you can get your husband or significant other more involved in parenting. Remember that you can lead your man to the water, but you can’t make him drink. 🙂

  1. Make sure that you really are open to having the help. Some fathers try early on to bond and engage with their baby, only to have mom shame them or put them down for not doing things their way. Make sure that you are giving dad the clear message that you welcome parenting as a team, even if it means giving him space to do it his way. Praise him early on and often. Encourage him and let him know that his efforts are appreciated and needed. This is going to be a difficult tip to follow if you find yourself needing to control every aspect of parenting. But then again, if that’s the case you really aren’t open to having the help.
  2. Show Dad that fathering can be fun. As a mom you might say, “whether parenting is fun or not it has to be done.” While this is very true, remember that some men have been taught that nurturing and parenting are the mothers domain. These same fathers may feel like less of a man by involving themselves in this area, leaving the work to the mom. Think of fun ways your man can relate to nurturing, while still feeling masculine. Some examples are teaching water safety (AKA fun bath time duty), allowing for playful diaper changings even if not done perfect, and bedtime stories ‘dad’ style.  Parenting Can Be Fun - Encouraging involved fathering.
  3. Encourage time with other fathers and support networks. Although men don’t typically get together to talk babies or kids, there are supportive networks out there for men who want to become better fathers. Steer your man in the direction of a good one! Perhaps it’s with your church, other fathers on your block, or even a fatherhood initiative on Facebook. You can also try starting your search at or another site that supports fathering and building stronger families.
  4. Prioritize the areas you need support, then ask for it. You’d be surprised how many fathers think moms just have it covered. Actually this is a compliment, as it says you are doing a great job and making it look easy. Try jotting down the tasks that have you overwhelmed or don’t come easy to you. Approach your man at a good time and share your list. Ideally he will volunteer to take over some tasks in order to become more supportive and involved.
  5. Making memories that last a lifetime. Ask for a list of 5 awesome things your husband or significant other remembers doing with his father. These can be things as small as reading a book all the way to camping in the backyard. Have him share with you exactly what made this fun and memorable. It just may be the spark that gets the fathering fire going in him!


Would you like to give a shout out to an involved father in your life? Share a tip or two with a new mom who may be struggling with parenting on her own? We love comments at Baby’s Own Room and welcome you to drop by our Facebook community for support, fun, and much more.

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Decorating A Damask Themed Baby Girl Nursery With Charm

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The damask themed baby nursery decor is really popular. While it’s a classic design, there are many choices out there that are anything but traditional. Whether you are looking for a modern twist of the pattern, or a vintage look; we invite you to browse our inspirational board on Pinterest. We’ve included the collection at Baby’s Own Room along with some ideas for decorating a damask themed baby girl nursery with charm!


Follow Baby's Own Room's board Decorating With Damask on Pinterest.


Once you have selected your color scheme, there’s sure to be the perfect baby bedding and matching accessories out there to charm you. Depending on the size of your nursery and the type of space you are dreaming of creating, you’ll want to establish a budget. If style and comfort are a priority, which we’re sure they are–then quality is also going to be high on your list. We’d like to share a wide range of charming damask themed baby girl nursery ideas, something for everyone!


Great damask baby shower gifts!  

TheCraftyMonkeyShop on Pinterest.



Remember that part of the fun in decorating a themed baby girl nursery is the baby shower. When your baby shower planner knows your theme ahead of time, they can incorporate the theme and let guests know about your dream nursery. You’ll be showered with gifts to get you started and on your way. There are even damask themed baby shower decorations to get everyone in the mood. Damask is traditional yet can be modern, classic yet combined with a hip look; and best of all charming enough for the most exquisite nursery decor.


Decorating your baby girl nursery with charming damask themed baby bedding.

This gorgeous lavender and gray damask baby bedding collection by Sweet Jojo Designs is sure to create a stunning boutique setting for your precious baby girl.

What’s your color scheme? Baby’s Own Room is bound to have you covered! Take a peek at the damask themed baby bedding in the following colors:

  • Avery Gray and Yellow Baby Bedding 9 pc Crib Set
  • Blue and Gray Avery Baby Bedding 9 pc Crib Set
  • Elizabeth Pink and Gray Damask Baby Bedding
  • Isabella Black and White Damask Crib Bedding
  • Isabella Hot Pink White and Black Damask Crib Bedding
  • Elizabeth Lavender and Gray Damask Baby Bedding
  • Sophia Pink Damask Nursery Bedding

What’s your favorite? Thanks for dropping by for a visit and remember to check out our inspiration board for tons of decorating with damask ideas. Happy Pinning. 🙂


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Making Memories Decorating Holiday Cookies PLUS Recipe Swap

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Making memories decorating Christmas Holiday Cookies can be so much fun for kids. Christmas cookie recipe swaps can be foodie fun for grownups too! Join us.


Do you have fond memories of baking and decorating holiday cookies as a child? I sure do! Even those days when we simply cut from a store bought cookie roll, baked, sprinkled, frosted, and gobbled them up–it was always great fun. But we had the most fun when we followed my Grandma’s favorite cookie recipe from scratch. That’s why we decided to share the ‘foodie fun’ at Baby’s Own Room this holiday season. We warmly invite you to join our Cookie Recipe Swap. 

Here is a great recipe shared by friends of Baby’s Own Room staff. Since the holiday season is a bustling and busy one, we thought this was a perfect one to share. Why? Because it’s easy, tasty and FUN!  Gather your favorite children, pull out your traditional decorations, and enjoy. 🙂


Enjoy this easy and yummy Sugar Cookie Recipe and feel free to share yours too! We warmly invite you to the Baby's Own Room Recipe Swap!

Cut Out, Bake, Eat, Repeat!

We want to make it very easy for our blog readers, Facebook fans, and Pinterest followers to join our recipe swap. Please feel free to leave a comment with a link to your favorite recipe blog post. You can also share the link to your favorite Pinterest pin and we will add it to our Foodie Board! Lastly, please join our Facebook Community and you can leave a comment via the post below. We will even feature your recipe if you tweet it to us via Twitter!

“The Cookie Jar” Inspiration Board for Yummy Cookie Recipes

Follow YOUR Virtual Service Group YVSG's board The Cookie Jar on Pinterest.

We will be featuring ALL recipes shared in our swap and look forward to trying out some yummy cookies! Thanks for joining us and Happy Holidays from the staff at Baby’s Own Room.

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Toddlers and the Family Pet – 5 Animal Safety Tips For Kids

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 Your toddler should happily co-exist with the family pet or any other animal they come in contact with. With a lot of patience and persistence, any child can learn safe and fun ways to play and interact with the wild world of animals. Use these 5 tips to make it a very enriching experience and instill good habits that should last a lifetime.


Pets and toddlers can be a crazy mix, dangerous even! For most of us, our pets are family. It’s very important that you take measures to teach your little ones to respect animals and how to be safe with them. The following tips by Baby’s Own Room can help show you how.


Toddlers and the Family Pet – Animal Safety Tips For Kids


  • Demonstrate the proper approach and good handling of a pet. Show your child how to carefully get close to an animal without spooking it. Animals have lightning fast reactions and can very quickly snap or scratch. Emphasize the importance of going slowly and speaking kindly and of being gentle with little creatures.
  • Watch your toddler closely. Be sure little hands don’t squeeze too tightly or that your child doesn’t put their face too close to sharp teeth and claws. Observe all interactions and tell your child when they are doing things right as well as when they’re wrong.
  • Don’t leave the two alone. Even if you trust your pet and think your toddler may be doing just fine, walking away for even a moment can lead to dangerous consequences. Keep a watchful eye on them at all times until your child reaches the stage of development where they are making smart decisions all on their own.
  • Use story telling to teach respect and show examples. Reading stories to your little one will help them to learn how to exercise caution as well as show respect and be caring. Use books with pictures that clearly show the attention one should give to an animal and all the precautions that should be taken. Opt for stories about real-life animals like cats, dogs and hamsters as opposed to ones with made-up creatures.
  • Avoid cartoons, movies or games that depict animal cruelty. We, as adults, have basically become oblivious to the amount of violence and mistreatment of animals in various mediums–but they can have a huge impact on the mind of a child. Make sure your toddler doesn’t see a character dragging a puppy on a leash or bopping him on the head with a book, for example. Since toddlers are prone to imitating, your child may think the actions are harmless and try to duplicate what they see on the screen.


Toddlers and the Family Pet - 5 Animal Safety Tips For Kids


For the most part, we suggest that you train any animal that will become a part of your family very well. Getting that first puppy is an exciting time. However, much needs to be done in the way of guiding it’s behavior. Take the time to teach a new dog in the house to respect people. This includes not jumping, nipping, or scratching family members or visitors in your home. Teaching your family pet not to abuse inanimate objects may ensure that your child follows suit. Cats may be more independent, but they can also be discouraged from scratching, pouncing and other behaviors in very humane and effective ways.

Your toddler should happily co-exist with the family pet. With a lot of patience and persistence, any child can learn safe and fun ways to play and interact with the wild world of animals. Use the above tips to make it a very enriching experience and instill good habits that should last a lifetime. ~ Baby’s Own Room


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