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Welcome to the Baby’s Own Room Friday Giveaways!

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Thanks for supporting our giveaway events! You’ll find our current prizes to win HERE.

One thing our fans tell us they love is having the chance to win great prizes. Here at Baby’s Own Room, we’re always excited about giving away Gift Cards, shopping sprees, baby bedding, crib accessories and more! This week enter to win an adorable Giraffe Throw Pillow by Sweet JoJo Designs. 

This is what a few of our customers had to say about this gender neutral baby bedding collection:

A must!

“Got the giraffe 9 piece set and crib mobile. The border was easy put hang and my baby’s room looks amazing! Now just waiting on him or her. Highly recommend!”



“Wall paper was easy to install and goes with the room accessories perfectly. I did a neutral set on the crib. Looks great! Fast shipping and very friendly service.”


Giraffe Crib Bedding

“My sister is due in May 2013 and she wanted an animal theme but something more modern and not so ummm babyish. This bedding set was our answer, I also ordered her the hamper and pillow and lamp shade (I’m a first time auntie, spoiling is a must). The nursery is nearly complete – now just trying to figure out a color for the walls..Love the set and accessories. Store had fast shipping and best price anywhere online. Very happy auntie!”

Baby's Own Room Friday Giveaways! This week enter to win an adorable Giraffe Throw Pillow by Sweet JoJo Designs.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Check out the rest of the collection by Sweet JoJo Designs. Stylish and modern giraffe print in a soothing taupe and white, it’s sure to compliment any designer nursery. Made from 100% cotton, your baby will be extra cozy in this 9 piece crib set that includes:  a crib comforter, matching crib bumper, an adorable striped fitted crib sheet, solid taupe crib skirt with a striped detail, diaper stacker, toy bag, a decorative pillow and 2 giraffe print window valances.

Gender Neutral Baby Bedding themes don't have to be boring, thanks to the wonderful creative team at Sweet Jojo Designs.

Come back each Friday as we feature a new giveaway prize each week. While supplies last; we are showering surprise gifts on our moms-to-be, fans, and shoppers just like you. If you haven’t dropped by to join us on Facebook, now is a great time to do so. You’ll get +10 extra bonus entries in the giveaway just for having fun engaging with us there! Be sure to record it on the Rafflecopter in order to claim your extra entries.

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My Baby Isn’t Talking, Should I Be Worried?

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Your baby is an amazing creation, but we bet you already knew that. Did you also know that, according to experts, babies are born with an astonishing capability to learn several human languages.  Today we’re chatting about the Baby’s Own Room new mom on the block question of the month. “My baby isn’t talking, should I be worried?”



My Baby Isn't Talking, Should I Be Worried? Baby's Own Room explores this question by a new mom in our Community.



Here are some pretty cool facts. 

  • At 4-5 months, your infant can recognize the sound patterns of his or her own name.

  • At 6 months, your baby knows who is “mommy” and who the funny one called “daddy” is.

  • At one year and a half, he or she already understands more complex words and should be able to talk.


However, if your baby is way behind these languages milestones, we at Baby’s Own Room are not the experts, you should consult your pediatrician.

Several studies were conducted regarding when and how babies learn to talk. It was discovered that most babies say the first words between 10 and 14 months after birth. Just in case your baby doesn’t hit this general guideline, do not worry and don’t be alarmed. Some babies are slower than the others. This does not mean that he will not become a talented grown up. Usually, babies who speak slower have more chances of becoming extremely intelligent people when they grow.

How to Support your Baby’s Language

In order to support your little toddler’s language development and allow him to better express his feelings, there are some things we can do as parents:

Respond to His Cries
Babies do learn to communicate through crying, even if it seems impossible. Hence, when you respond to your baby’s cries, he feels loved and safe. The outcome is that he will open up and will try to communicate in your language.

Sing Songs to your Baby
By listening to songs when he is a toddler, you baby can develop his musical skills and will be able to talk smoother. Also, he can learn to clap and have a great time with you and the rest of his precious family.

When did your baby utter the first word? What was it? Your comment just may help a New Mom on the Block. We’d love to hear from you. By the way, my first word was cookie and it continues to be my ultimate favorite treat!

Let's talk baby talk milestones.

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Thanksgiving Holiday Foodie Fun With the Kids

Posted by on Nov 8, 2013 in Foodie Fun & Recipes | 2 comments

Having fun with food and kids during the holiday season.


Everyone knows the true meaning of Thanksgiving, but it’s the delicious foods that we most anticipate. Making food fun, while still being healthy for kids, isn’t always easy. Baby’s Own Room has come up with a few variations of some Thanksgiving dish ideas that will have the kids coming back for seconds. 

Most of us look forward to having turkey with mashed potatoes and stuffing, candied yams, and green bean casseroles–finished off with homemade pumpkin pie or a similar variation of the traditional Thanksgiving meal. However, those of us with young children know that it’s not always easy to get kids to eat these time-honored holiday foods. We’ve come up with a few variations of some Thanksgiving dishes that keep things fun and tasty at the kids table.


Decorating traditional Thanksgiving pies for the kids can be fun.

Decorating traditional Thanksgiving pies with the kids can be fun!


For starters, how many know that kids can get grumpy and hungry when waiting for the main meal on Thanksgiving day? Let them snack on healthy goodies throughout the day. Set up finger foods like grapes, cheese sticks and cubes, raw vegetables, nuts and popcorn. This will keep them satisfied and out of the kitchen so you can do all the last minute preparations.

When meal time comes, one fun way to get kids to eat their Thanksgiving supper is to serve it in fun, kid-sized portions. Instead of giving your five year old a giant turkey drumstick or a boring piece of sliced meat, serve chicken or turkey nuggets. Here are a few more ideas we came up with.

  • Make up a batch of chicken drumsticks.
  • Bake child-sized portions of dressing in muffin tins.
  • Create tiny little personal pumpkin pies in tins for dessert.
  • Involve your little ones in preparing the feast. They can help with choosing dishes, shopping, day before preparations, mixing ingredients or setting the table.
  • Let them decorate your house for the festivities.

By giving them jobs to do and input on the meal, you are greatly improving the chances that they well want to enjoy the fruit of their labors.

As with anything, what works for one child will not work for another. Try out some of these fun ideas and find out which ones keep your children happy and full this Thanksgiving. What else would you add to the list? We love comments so share away. 🙂

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Fun DIY Gender Reveal Baby Shower Game

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Camouflage Pink Memo Board

It’s A Girl?!


A very popular way to announce the gender of your baby is with our fun DIY Gender Reveal Baby Shower Game! If you’re looking for an interactive and exciting way to get your guests involved, play the Baby’s Own Room Memo Board Game.


When it comes to baby shower games, most of us have played fun games like Baby Bingo and Baby Word Scramble. There’s even the hilarious one where grown men and women drink beer or soda out of baby bottles! Some guests really get competitive and are determined to win the great prizes at a baby shower. The cool thing about this unique game is that all players work together as a team to make it fun for the Mom-to-be. The guests will end up creating a keepsake to display in the baby nursery. It’s also great fun if your shower is Co-Ed and you play ladies against the guys.


How to Play Baby’s Own Room Gender Reveal Baby Shower Game

  • Display the Pink Camouflage It’s A Girl?! Memo Board on one side of the room.
  • Display the Green Camouflage It’s A Boy?! Memo Board on the other side of the room.
  • Pass out 1 Photo to each guest. (Make the pictures funny, baby related, or family photos. Get creative.)
  • On the back of each photo will be a clue about the gender of your baby.
  • Each guest will get 1 guess at whether the bundle of joy will be a girl or boy.
  • The shower guest will write their name, followed by It’s A ____, on the back of the photo and place it on the applicable Boy or Girl Memo Board.

At the end of the game the baby’s gender will be revealed. The winner will be selected from the pictures on the Memo Board created for the correct gender. Everyone will get excited if they selected the correct gender because the lucky winners will come from that board. You can select as many winners as you like from the board. You can also make it fun by letting guests pick the best pictures on the winning board too!


Camouflage Green Memo Board

It’s A Boy?!



Now doesn’t that sound fun? There are tons of other Memo Boards to choose from, including one that will coordinate with the theme or color scheme of your baby shower. The goal is to create great memories for the Mom-to-Be that will be displayed on the board for years to come. Please share your fun baby shower game ideas in a comment today. We love comments at our Baby’s Own Room Facebook Community too. 🙂 






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