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Inspire Love of Reading – Create a Children’s Reading Nook

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Here at Baby’s Own Room, we believe that books can take your child’s imagination to a lot of different places. Reading can help them think, problem solve and learn! With all the choices out there for kids, it’s no wonder why parents want their little ones to enjoy reading– now more than ever. While most kids like to read, it’s generally something they won’t do in their bedroom if it’s filled with toys and other distractions. Fortunately you can change this and inspire reading as you create an awesome reading nook right in their room.


Spark an Interest in reading by creating a children's reading nook.


Creating the Nook

► Pick the Spot

Go into your child’s room and look around for the best spot for a reading nook. Generally this will be a comfortable corner that isn’t already packed with things, which will make it easier to put into place. When looking for a spot, make sure it is an area that gets good lighting. Natural light is best, but if not, make sure there is an outlet around where you can plug in a reading lamp.

Tip: If it’s a possibility, find a corner spot that doesn’t have anything on the ceiling or walls. You can then hang sheets from the ceiling to make a little tent that looks inviting and warm.

► Assess the Decor

Is the decor in the room distracting or overwhelming? If so, you might want to pick up some plastic totes that will hold toys and other things that can easily distract kids. You should also make sure there’s not a television facing the reading nook, or else your little one might be thinking about movies rather than reading!

Tip: Print out characters from your child’s favorite books and tape them onto the walls in the nook. You can also print out quotes from their favorite books to encourage your child to read.

► Create a Relaxing Environment


Clear the area of any toys or clutter that are going to get in the way of reading. Then put something on the floor, like cushions or pillows, to add some comfort to the area. You can even use bean bags that make the reading nook a lot more appealing to your little one. There are a lot of different seating options to choose from, just make sure to pick one that is comfortable for you and your child.

Tip: Purchase some cheap throw blankets and throw those on top of the cushions. They will make the nook feel like a really comfortable place that your child can stay in for hours!


Reading lamps and windows are essential for the reading nook, so make sure they will provide your little one with light during the day or at night. There are tons of cute lamps, so have your child help you choose one that they particularly like.


Even if it’s small, a bookcase is important to have in the nook. When kids are able to see each of their different books displayed they will have an easier time choosing one and be more likely to read during the day as well. Choose one that isn’t too tall so that they can easily grab from a shelf without having to ask for help.

Creating a reading nook for your child is something that you both can do together! It will make the room personalized for them and ensure that they want to return back to it in the future. There are a lot of different ways you can decorate it and location possibilities are endless, so have fun and you’re sure to see your little one reading more often. We’d love to see some of your reading nook ideas. Join us in our Facebook Community and share a pic or two. 🙂

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Halloween Fundraising Can Be Fun – Trick or Treat For UNICEF

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Halloween is always a favorite for children. Who doesn’t like getting to spend the night in a fun costume and getting free candy, just for being cute? It might seem like a night of pure frivolous fun, but you can help a good cause while patrolling the neighborhood for the houses with the best candy. This week, Baby’s Own Room wants to share a little about Trick or Treat for UNICEF. 

Trick or Treat for UNICEF started in 1950 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has raised over $188 million in profit for their cause worldwide. That’s a nice chunk of change, especially considering they started out that first year with a donation total of  just $17.

The money that’s raised is used to help children in need. UNICEF uses it’s donations to give children in need the things they require to start off their life in the best way possible. The main things they focus on providing are basic education, child protection, HIV/AIDS testing and treatment, gender equality, and the basic needs for childhood survival and normal development. UNICEF provides its services in over one hundred and ninety countries and territories, bringing medicine, safe drinking water, emergency relief, medicine, and education to children who would otherwise go without. They keep statistics of the help they provide to make sure that these children aren’t forgotten, or shoved aside. As a part of the Global Movement for Children, they’re committed to improving the life of every child.

There are other ways that UNICEF raises donations, though the orange boxes on Halloween are the most well known. UNICEF hosts a variety of fundraising events that give children fun and educational things to do while parents learn about the disease, discrimination, hostile conflict, poverty, and other conditions facing children around the world that UNICEF is trying to change.

They have an online site as well, and it is always open to accepting applications for volunteers and donations. They even post their latest plans for the years to come so that you’re sure to know exactly what your money is funding. Find out what UNICEF is doing in your country.

Do you remember Trick or Treating for UNICEF as a child? Is it something you see yourself passing down to your own children? We’d love to hear your story and or see your photo. Send it to us and we’ll share it with our Facebook Community. Happy Halloween! ~ Baby’s Own Room

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Why Natural Mothering and Babywearing is So Important

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Baby's Own Room believes that one of the best gifts you can give to your newborn baby is to mother naturally. It's about trusting your instincts and raising your child the best way you can. Babywearing is natural mothering.

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Having a baby can be an overwhelming and wonderful experience for most women. Baby’s Own Room believes that one of the best gifts you can give to your newborn baby is to mother naturally. It’s about trusting your instincts and raising your child the best way you can. Natural mothering is easy, healthy, environmentally friendly and less expensive.

Some of the practices that define motherhood include natural birthing, breastfeeding, babywearing, use of gentle discipline, home education and use of complementary medicine. Let’s focus on babywearing and why it’s important.

As a new mom, it’s common to hear people telling you that carrying your baby would make him too dependent and clingy, and that by not picking him up often, he’ll learn to be alone. Ask yourself, does such advice feel right to you or do they make you uncomfortable? As a mother, it’s important that you follow your instincts. Know that if you carry your baby, both of you have a lot to gain from it.

The Benefits of Babywearing Enables Your Child to Learn Faster

Babywearing provides a safe and content environment for your baby to be more aware of his surroundings. This provides him with a perfect learning environment. A baby who is carried tends to learn languages more quickly because he is positioned at the eye and voice level, which enables him to be more involved in conversations, and learn how to listen. On the other hand, it gives you your hands back to be able to attend to other tasks.

Promotes a Strong Mother-Child Attachment

Children need the comfort of their parents in order to feel secure and safe. Babies who are carried are more likely to demonstrate a stronger attachment to their mothers when they grow up than their counterparts who aren’t. You certainly don’t want your baby not to be close to you in the future, so carry him.

Advances a Child’s Social Development

Infants who are carried are physically closer to their mothers, and are involved in their environment. That closeness helps your child to learn from all your facial expressions, voice tones, body language, emotions and even breathing patterns. This enables him to develop faster socially compared to a child who is always left in the crib, or car seat.

Enables Baby to Establish Independence Earlier

Environmental sounds can either be a disturbing, or a learning experience for your baby. For instance, when left alone, your baby may be frightened by the sounds, but when you carry and soothe him, it helps to overcome his fears, besides providing him with a positive association between your voice and the disturbing sounds. Consequently, your baby will be more comfortable and ready to explore other environments with confidence.

Babywearing Fulfills Natural Instincts

Children are born with a natural grasping reflex to hold on to their mothers. By carrying your baby, you’ll be fulfilling this natural instinct.

Helps Fathers to Bond with Their Children

Babywearing provides a great way for a father to bond with his child. He gets to hold the baby close, and either talk, hum, or sing to him. This soothes the baby, and enables him to get accustomed to the sound of the father’s voice and heartbeat, as well as his smell. Who doesn’t find it cute to see a man walking down the street, wearing a baby?

We love your comments at Baby’s Own Room. Please share your favorite Natural Mothering tip with us. Happy Mothering!


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20 Delicious Homemade Baby Food Recipes

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One of the best things you can provide your baby or toddler is a delicious homemade meal or snack.  We’ve searched all over cyber space for some delicious homemade baby food recipes to share with you. 



Whether your little one is a picky eater or has an adventurous appetite, you’re sure to find a recipe that he or she will love! Make sure to follow the Baby’s Own Room Inspiration Board on Pinterest for more fun foodie recipes for kids and babies.














What is your baby’s favorite food? We love comments and enjoy hearing about your little ones. 🙂  Thanks for sharing and have a yummy day! ~ Baby’s Own Room

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Wordless Wednesday – Baby’s Own Room Gallery

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It’s Wordless Wednesday at Baby’s Own Room! Well almost wordless anyway. (I’ve been told that I talk too much-guilty as charged) Enjoy a peek at our baby gallery of cuties who love our crib bedding.


Baby Gallery Baby's Own Room

Oriental Garden Baby Bedding Set by Sweet JoJo Designs

Baby's Own Room Baby Gallery

Starry Night Crib Bedding by Sweet JoJo Designs


Isabella Black and White Damask Crib Bedding by Sweet JoJo Designs

Baby's Own Room Baby Gallery

Monkey Crib Bedding by Sweet JoJo Designs

 Here is the newest picture, meet little Cade. We’re pleased to add him to our Gallery of Baby’s Own Room babies.  Send in a picture of your sweet bundle and we will post it on our blog too!  We love our babies. 🙂 

Baby's Own Room Baby Gallery

Animal Stackers Crib Bedding by Cotton Tale Designs



Easy Green Mama

We’ve linked up at the Easy Green Mama Wordless Wednesday Linky and you can too! Happy #WordlessWednesday!

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