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New Mom on the Block: How Do I Provide a Safe Sleeping Environment for My New Baby?

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One thing is certain, there are many questions and concerns that a new mom will have when returning home from the hospital. After one look into the precious newborn’s eyes, the joy is sometimes mixed with fear. Let’s face it, becoming a mom is one of the most important roles in a woman’s life. While wanting to be a good mother, it’s perfectly normal for a new mom to have some anxiety and fears.

At Baby’s Own Room, we started something new that we hope will help our new moms on the block. From now on we’ll be taking real questions from real new moms. This first one comes from one of our staff; but from now on we’ll take on your questions from our Facebook community comments, your tweets, and your comments on the blog. You’ll be able to get real answers from real moms, how about that!

So let’s get on with the question. Our new mom asks–How do I provide a safe sleeping environment for my new baby? When you think about keeping baby safe, a few things come to mind. SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome for one, making sure that baby is safe in their crib, two. One overlooked safety issue for newborns and toddlers is the nursery room temperature. Not to be taken lightly, no matter how adorable the crib bedding accessories can be–are crib mobile, baby pillow, and bumper pad safety. Let’s tackle these 4 new mom concerns.

Our new mom asks--How do I provide a safe sleeping environment for my new baby?


► Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is something we’ve blogged about before. One quick tip we talked about is that it’s important to put your baby to sleep on his or her back, with feet at the foot of the crib. You should really take a moment to check out, New Moms: Will my baby stop breathing? for more great ways to reduce the risk.

► Some safe crib tips that will make you more confident that the sleeping environment is a safe one, are very easy to put in place. Keep the drop side of the crib up and locked at all times. Make sure that furniture is moved away from the crib so that, as your baby grows, he or she can’t easily climb out. Lastly, we’ve all heard the horror stories about dangling curtain or blinds cords becoming a tool for strangulation. Provide a safe sleeping environment by opting out of these cords in your baby’s room all together.

► Regarding the temperature, remember not to keep it too hot. As new moms we tend to think that baby will catch a chill or get too cold. We then try to over layer, use too many blankets, or keep the room too warm. Try not to fall into this habit for safety reasons.

► As far as the adorable and fun crib bedding accessories that you are bound to get showered with by your guests, there are a few safety things to remember. No matter how cute and decorative the Baby’s Own Room collection of baby pillows are, we strongly suggest that you do not use them inside of the crib. Your rocker, lounger, or chair may be a great spot to show them off. Then there’s the bumper pads. Once your baby is old enough to start pulling up, you should remove them from the crib. You’d be amazed at how your little adventurer will figure out how to use them as steps to climb out! Lastly, there’s my favorite, the musical crib mobile. Although they are a must in any nursery, please remember to remove them as soon as baby reaches the milestone of being able to sit up.

So there you have it, by following just a few tips you can feel confident that you are providing a safe sleeping environment for your precious baby. Have we left anything out that you feel could help one of the new moms in our community? Are you a new mom on the block that would like more information on this topic? Would you like to submit a ‘New Mom Asks’ question for a future blog post? If so, please leave a comment below or email us.

I found this inspirational quote for our new moms on the block.

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may
fear less.
― Marie Curie



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Fit Pregnancy: Running Pregnant

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Although it may look a bit odd to some people on the running trails (but honestly who cares what they think), running or jogging during your pregnancy can be a great way to stay healthy and actually increase the health of your unborn baby at the same time. Pregnancy does cause changes in your body, and of course your child’s health is the priority, so there are a few safety and comfort issues that we at would like you to consider.

First, if you were not a runner before you became pregnant, now is not the time to start. Your balance is off, your joints may be slightly looser, and you have not developed the muscular and stamina needed to safely jog distances. Even if you have run before, you should listen to your body: If the physical changes of pregnancy make running painful, or you feel ligaments pulling or lower back pain, then a lower impact activity such as walking is a better idea.

Second, remember that everything your body needs, your baby needs too! If you are gasping for breath, your baby is not getting the oxygen he needs either. If you are dehydrated, so is your baby. If you are overheated, you’re also raising the temperature of your baby’s developing body. You should slow your pace so that you can jog and carry on a conversation without being breathless, run during cooler parts of the day, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! And if you ever feel faint, STOP and cool down immediately.

Third, your belly is going to get bigger. Yes, especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimester, no matter how much exercising and healthy eating you do, that developing human being in there is going to add bulk and weight to your bump. You should adjust your jogging style to lower impact (more glide, less bounce) to protect both your joints and your lower back, or even transition to a fast walk instead. There are also pregnancy support belts to help safely distribute the extra weight while you jog.

Finally, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor before you start exercising. Your exercise regimen should focus on maintaining your muscle mass and cardiovascular health. Moderation is important, and a bit of weight gain is normal and healthy. So do continue to exercise, and jog if it feels good to you, but do it for your own enjoyment and the health of yourself and your baby. You will both be glad you did. To find pregnancy running gear check out Running Skirts and find inspiration in those who blaze the trail.

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Bath Time Safety for Baby

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Babies love baths, and it can be a wonderful bonding time for you and your child. It can also be a bit nerve-wracking, though – especially for new parents. Washing up a soapy, wriggling (and let’s face it, sometimes screaming) little human being safely and efficiently takes some knowledge and practice.

Fortunately, Baby’s Own Room is here to provide you with a few baby-bathing tips to keep your little one happy and safe while she splashes and bubbles and gets squeaky clean.

  • Never leave your child alone in the bath – Even toddlers can drown in an inch or less of water! You should make sure your bathing supplies are all gathered together and within reach, so that you can have one hand on your baby the whole time he or she is in the water. If you have to leave the room for any reason, even for a few seconds, wrap baby up in a towel to take her with you.
  • Keep the bathroom temperature around 75 °F – Babies can become chilled quickly, so the air temperature should be between 75 and 80 degrees, and the water should feel comfortably warm on your wrist.
  • Do not run water with your baby in the tub – The temperature of the water could change. If hotter water suddenly comes streaming from the tap, your baby could be scalded or overheat quickly. Fill the tub to the correct level (2 to 4 inches is great), check the temperature, turn off the water, and then lower your child into it.
  • Make the tub safer – A rubber or textured mat inside the tub makes for less slippery seating for baby. The spout can be covered with a rubberized spout cover – or simply wrap a hand towel around it while your baby’s in the tub. It is a good idea to cushion the edge of the tub with a folded towel, too – babies lose their balance easily, and this will avoid a bumped head! Check out this great idea called Blooming Bath, it’s a flower-shaped bath pillow that conforms to the shape of any sink — and keeps your wiggle worm right where they belong.
  • Avoid harsh soaps and bubble baths – Soaps and bubble baths can irritate your babies skin and even bother their eyes. Wash with plain water, or choose one of the many shampoos or soaps made specifically for babies.

By following these 5 important tips by Baby’s Own Room, you can make bath time a fun, relaxing, and joyful time for both you and your little one. Any tips of your own to share? We’d love to hear from you. Thanks and happy blogging.

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Pink and Gray Zig Zag Bedding for Baby Girls

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Pink and Gray Zig Zag Baby Bedding

Create a nursery that looks like a celebrity babies with this pink and gray zig zag baby bedding collection. It will be a great addition to your baby girls nursery with its soft muted grays and pinks, offset by crisp white 100% cotton and ever popular chevron print. Artfully created by Sweet Jojo Designs this 9 piece crib set has everything you will need to create an amazing modern celebrity nursery without breaking the bank.

The 9 piece pink and gray zig zag baby bedding set comes complete a crib blanket which is designed using an exclusive gray and white zig zag print that reverses to a crisp white and is finished with pink piping.

A coordinating crib bumper uses the same zig zag print on both sides pink ties and piping finish this modern crib bumper off nicely!

Pink Girls Crib SheetThe fitted crib sheet comes in the accent color of muted pink and is 100% cotton for comfort and easy clean up.

Something for the windows….oh yes! Two rod pocket window valances in the modern chevron print so versatile, you’ll be sure to enjoy these for many years!

Hummm and how about a perfectly pleated crib skirt made of crisp white with gray and white zig zag print border that’s finished in a pink trim.

7, 8 and 9 pieces are the coordinating diaper stacker, toy bay and decorative zig zag bolster pillow with pink trim. See everything you could ever want in a crib set that looks celebrity but doesn’t cost as much (shhhh). This modern all girls pink and gray zig zag baby bedding set is sure to create a (celebrity like) nursery that you and your baby girl are sure to love. Of course there are OTHER room accessories you could purchase in addition such as the changing pad cover, lampshade, musical mobile, wall hangings chevron print wall borders or dear the list keeps going check out the entire collection at here and see for yourself.

Chevron Crib Bedding

Create a nursery like the movie stars without breaking the bank! Shop for Designer Nursery Bedding and décor. We have something especially for you we just know it.

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