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Baby’s Own Room Baby Registry Giveaway

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Welcome to the Baby’s Own Room stop on the Blogging to Success Giveaway Blog Hop. Thanks for hopping over and best of luck in our giveaway! 

Baby's Own Room Baby Registry Giveaway

To celebrate the Wish List Gift Registry, we decided to award a prize to one lucky winner. We love to give away free products!  What better way to share how the baby registry works, than to give you the chance to get your first baby shower gift or baby bedding accessory FREE from Baby’s Own Room. Whether you are a brand new mom, mom-to-be, or just looking for quality and affordable baby bedding for your nursery, this is a great giveaway for you. You’ll be able to select your prize from the adorable collection of matching accessories from some trusted brands.  Brands like…

Sweet Jojo Designs

Cotton Tale Designs

One Grace Place

Whistle & Wink

The Little Acorn

Child Craft

Baby room accessories by Baby's Own Room.

Have you seen how easy our Wish List and Baby Registry works? In 5 easy breezy steps you are on your way.

  1. Create account
  2. Create lists
  3. Shop store
  4. Find baby gift items to add to list
  5. Click on ADD TO WISHLIST

If you are creating a simple wish list for yourself, you can elect to keep your Wish List private. But if using the list as a Baby Shower Gift Registry for your guests, elect to make it public and you’re all set! It’s easy to manage and check on which items have been purchased too. 🙂

Here is a sample Wish List and Gift Registry:  MY WISHLIST

Guess what? We’re pleased to announce that all of our entrants will also get a bonus coupon code! How would you like to take 10% off of any purchase of $50 or more? Just use the code  BLOGHOP at checkout, coupon good all the way till the day after Cyber Monday.

Now let’s get on to the giveaway and the fun hop! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Blogging to Success Giveaway Blog Hop
Hosted by: A Spectacled Owl & Budget Earth

Blogging to Success is a group of bloggers from all over the world. Some are brand new to blogging, some have been blogging for years. But, we all have one thing in common…to be successful bloggers. We help each other out with networking, social media, SEO, giveaways, monetizing your blog, & learning the ropes about being successful online. We’ve come together to bring you this blog hop, featuring some great giveaways. Make sure to visit each blog for some GREAT prizes!

Blogging To Success Giveaway Blog Hop

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Don’t Aim For Perfection When Raising Your Toddler

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While we applaud any mom who strives to be the best one that she can possibly be, it’s a well-known fact that mothering a toddler can be challenging. The Baby’s Own Room Toddler Tips are meant to be helpful, but this time we’d also like to shed a little humor on the subject. We’re thinking that we shouldn’t aim for perfection when raising toddlers. When you really think about it, the most challenging toddler antics will have us laughing in years to come.

We found 3 funny and informative videos to enjoy. They deal with some of the top toddler topics:

  • Temper Tantrums
  • Feeding Time
  • Potty Training

On temper tantrums, everyone knows that the best tantrum needs a captive audience right?


How about feeding time. Do you have a picky eater? Here is a video full of great tips to get your toddler to eat more than he or she wears!


And finally, there’s the dreaded potty training. There is no perfect way to get this task accomplished, so definitely don’t aim for perfection here. This video caught our eye because of the humor in what can sometimes be challenging and frustrating. Enjoy…


What worked for you? How do you cope when you just want to scream? We’d love to hear some of your best tips on the Top Toddler Three!


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Nursery: How To Create A Safe Diaper Changing Station

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Nursery: How To Create A Safe Diaper Changing Station

The essential tip to creating a safe diaper changing station is organization. When time for a changing, the very last thing you want to do is run around searching for diaper cream, ointment, diaper wipes, or a diaper pin. Remember that once your little one is settled on the changing table pad, and strapped; it’s still not safe to move away from baby even for a moment. 

Here is a handy list of what you should have within reach whenever you change your baby:

  • Keep at least a dozen cloth or disposable diapers on stock.
  • A supply of your preferred diaper rash ointment or cream. (Baby’s Own Room would like to caution you against using baby powder as most pediatricians share the concern of possible inhalation of dangerous particles.)
  • Plenty of wash cloths, diaper wipes, and cotton balls.
  • At least 1 change of clothing, just in case.
  • A diaper pail. Although it does not need to be fancy or expensive, you should consider one with an air-tight lid.
  • A generous supply of cloth diaper needs such as diaper pins, diaper covers, and Velcro fasteners.

Now that all of your supplies are accessible you’re ready for many safe, clean, and comfy diaper changes. When you are prepared it can be a fun and engaging time for Mommy and baby. (Not to leave out Daddy, if you are lucky he will pull late night changing duty!) Don’t be upset if your little one dislikes diaper changes and wails the entire time. Quickly handle the task at hand as safely as possible. On the other hand, some babies love the changing time that can be spent singing, talking, playing, etc.


Turquoise changing pad cover for safe changing station.

All of the changing pad covers at Baby’s Own Room come with safety straps. Be sure to keep your baby safe. Pictured here is the Hooty Turquoise and Lime Changing Pad Cover that completes the look and feel of your baby boy or baby girl nursery.



Here are some quick tips shared by real moms in our community.  Please feel free to add your favorite tips, we love comments from our Moms!

  • Set up mini changing stations on every floor of the house. A cute little basket or container including a couple of diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream will save a trip to the nursery for quick changes. ~ Alicia
  • Keep changing supplies by your bed for midnight feeding diaper changes. You’ll be done and back to sleep in no time. ~ Rhonda
  • Make sure that your baby can’t reach the supplies! ~ Courtney
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5 Fun Mommy-and-Me Halloween Costumes for Babies

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Whether you create your Halloween costumes from scratch or purchase store bought ones for your little one, getting suited up for the holiday should be fun. Dressing alike is one idea that I love seeing at my door on Trick or Treat night. Here are 5 fun Mommy-and-Me Halloween costumes that Baby’s Own Room found on Pinterest. Hope that you find some inspiration. Happy Halloween!

The folks over at are doubling the fun when it comes to costume ideas. These are easy to do since they use a very practical item, the baby carrier or sling!

What are you dressing up as this year? If Halloween is not your thing, what Fall celebrations do you find fun alternatives to the holiday?


Sharing is Caring Halloween Blog Hop


This post is part of the Sharing is Caring Halloween Blog Hop hosted by Life With LovebugsPam’s Party & Practical Tips, and A Spectacled OwlAll of the blogs listed below are sharing Halloween themed posts as part of this event, so click on one or all of the links below to find some great recipes, tutorials, crafts and more! 

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Travel and Kids: First School Field Trip Survival Guide

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5 Steps To Surviving The First School Field Trip

Learning about the first school trip of the year can be very exciting, yet sometimes scary, for your little one. He or she will most likely rush home waving the permission slip before your very eyes, squealing with delight. As a matter of fact, it’s all they’ll talk about for days.  With the first school field trip Survival Guide created by those of us at Baby’s Own Room, both mom and child can enjoy the experience.

If you are the adventurous type, you might think, “What’s there to survive?” As for you, go ahead and skip right down to the end of the post and just tweet, G+, or share this with your more tentative friends. You know the ones, those who might worry that the first trip will be a frightening experience.  Here are some of the top questions and concerns of most parents.

  • Will there be enough chaperones to look after the children?
  • What about seatbelts on the school bus for the long ride?
  • What safety precautions are in place for lost children?
  • Will my child be afraid?
  • Will sack lunches be stored properly?
  • How will the group handle wash room breaks?

It’s only natural to have these concerns. Talking to your child’s teacher or principal can help ease your mind about school policies and procedures designed to keep children safe on field trip day. This little chat can also give you the tools needed to teach your little one how to behave and follow rules during the trip.  Once you’ve got that covered, there’s just the matter of planning for the big day!

School Field Trip Survival Guide

  • If your school wears uniforms on trips, you are ahead of the game. It’s easy to notice someone out of place when the group is dressed alike.
  • No sandals or uncomfortable shoes. There will be lots of walking involved so make sure your son or daughter is wearing comfortable shoes.
  • Make sure that your little one knows his/her full name and home telephone number, just in case. Knowing the school and teacher’s name is important too.
  • Pack a sack lunch that does not need refrigeration if at all possible. Stay away from mayo and other foods that spoil easily.
  • Go over bus safety tips, staying with the group, and restroom safety.
  • Let the teacher or room mother know if you have a problem with your child wandering away in public.

If you are still a little concerned, you can always volunteer as room mother and attend the first school field trip with your little one. That’s a whole experience in itself. Look for my guest post at Everything Mommyhood, sharing how to be the best room mother ever!

Please share your great field trip tips with us, we love comments and you just may help another mom.

Safe travels!

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