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Travel and Kids: Adventure Travel with the Kiddos

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Some couples believe the opportunity for adventure is over once they have children. “Young children” and “adventure travel” just don’t seem to go together but we at Baby’s Own Room disagree. You can still plan an exciting adventure vacation that the whole family can enjoy.

Children are innately curious about the world around them, and can make the most of any activity. With a little preparation and forethought, you can take just about any adventure activity that interests you, and adjust it to be kid-friendly. If you’re worried about the details involved in creating your own trip, there are fantastic family adventure travel trips available through travel agents and travel/adventure companies.

Here are a few tips for successful adventure travel with young kids:

  • Do what you love! If you liked hiking, kayaking, or cross-country skiing before kids, get the kids some gear and plan adventures that involve the same activities with easier courses and shorter distances. Your kids will pick up on your genuine excitement, and will love their “grownup” gear.
  • Travel independently. Group tours can become hellish if your toddler decides to start whining or has to use the toilet every twenty minutes. Rent a camper for road trips and create your own pared-down itinerary for exploring destinations.
  • Camping can be fun, but if you want more permanent lodgings, find free-standing places like cottages or cabanas. Then you have no worries about your noisy kids bothering neighbors.
  • If you want to take longer hikes with kids under four, invest in a child carrier or jogging stroller (or both!). Your kids can wind down and catch a nap when their attention wanders or their energy lags, and you will also have storage compartments for snacks and necessities.

For your next vacation, Baby’s Own Room suggests getting the outdoors for a wild family adventure. Your children will thrive on the fresh air and exercise, and you will be sharing something you love with your family. Get out there and have some fun and enjoy a great family adventure!

What’s the dream adventure travel destination that you would like to share with the kids?

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Reading to Your Child, Early and Often

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Here’s a post from one of our very own mom’s. Baby’s Own Room encourages reading to your child as soon as possible. Read further for the all the greatness that can come from sharing a book with the tiny love of your life.

As an avowed book nut, I filled my daughter’s nursery with books, and read my own favorite children’s books to her often, before she could even sit up by herself. My friends thought I was wasting my time, since she didn’t understand the words, but I knew it was good for her; and the times we spent “reading” together are some of my fondest memories of her babyhood.

Developmental studies (and my now-grown daughter’s great grades and love of literature) agree: Reading aloud to your baby is a fantastic way to connect with your child and help his development in many areas. Being read to at a very early age helps your child’s language development, emotional development, memory, patterning skills (which help with mathematical thinking later), listening skills, and ability to sit still and focus.

Babies learn all sounds required to speak their family’s language before the age of one. When you read to your baby, you build a rich network of words and sounds in his brain, which is a strong foundation for later learning. Children who have books read to them as infants and toddlers are far more likely to stay at or above their grade level when learning to read in school.

The best books to read with your new baby are those you enjoy. Even if she doesn’t understand the words, she will sense your enjoyment, and will begin relating reading to good feelings. As your child begins developing her own tastes and interests, let her choose some books about things she likes; this will make her more likely to start “reading” books independently.

Baby’s Own Room agrees that one of the best reasons to read to your child at any age is the connection you create between things your child loves – time with you and the sound of your voice – and books. When kids are read to regularly by those they love, with interest and excitement, they will likely become budding “readers” long before they head off to school.


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Designer: One Grace Place

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One Grace Place is a designer bedding company for infants, toddlers, tweens, and teens, also specializing in bathroom and home décor. The company takes pride in the luxury and affordability of their exciting designer nursery bedding and other product lines. They strive to provide comfort and style in contemporary bedding, accessories, and décor that can really portray the personalities of the kids who choose them.

One Grace Place’s Director of Design is Crystal Campbell, working mother of a handful of energetic kids with very individual personalities. Crystal takes her inspiration for the company’s colorful, unique designs from the personalities and interests of real children – her own, and those she has met through friends and family. The bold and artistic pink, turquoise, and black design of their “Magical Michayla” youth bedding collection, for example, was inspired by Crystal’s own daughter’s love of color and creativity; and the “Teyo’s Tires” designer nursery bedding set was inspired by her son’s non-stop energy and ready-to-go attitude.

Creativity and an eye for interior design has been passed on to Crystal’s daughter, as well. The newest addition to One Grace Place’s bedding and décor collection, “Terrific Tie-Dye,” was designed by the Campbell’s daughter Michayla. The “Terrific Tie-Dye” collection has obviously been designed by a free-spirited, fun-loving young person with a passion for color and style!

One Grace Place’s designer nursery bedding – and other bedding collections and accessories – are unique, luxurious, and high-quality home products. Check out all of the chic, appealing bedding sets, accessories and home décor that they have to offer.

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New Moms: Will My Baby Miss Me?

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Baby’s Own Room understands the fears of a new mom, so today we’ll talk about leaving your baby with someone for the first time.

If you’re a new mom in need of some important “me time,” or want to go back to work sometime soon, you may worry about separation anxiety in your baby when you leave him or her with someone else. Will she miss you so much she makes herself and her babysitter (or grandma, or auntie, or childcare provider) miserable all day long? Will you come back to a red-faced, inconsolable little guy who has been crying non-stop for hours?

Never fear. In most cases, it’s the new mother who suffers separation anxiety more often than the baby. If the person you leave your child with is comfortable and competent with infants, it should be an easy transition for your child. In fact, most separation anxiety in babies is learned behavior. If a baby senses that mom is nervous and unwilling to part with him/her, they will mirror that upset. If mom is mellow and flexible about handing him/her over, it’s unlikely that they will be anxious about staying with someone else.

If you have been the primary caregiver, it’s natural for both of you to respond with a little anxiety over being apart; but it doesn’t have to be stressful for your baby and easing into it can help. Try leaving your baby with a trusted adult while you’re in another room. When he or she fusses, stay out of sight, and let the other person soothe him/her. Then, when he/she is calm, return to let him/her see that you come back when you leave him/her with others. This will help him/her feel more comfortable without you, and will show you he/she can be content while you’re away.

When you’re able to leave your baby with a trusted caregiver, the time you do spend together will be extra sweet, and his bond with you will actually grow through the consistent message that you always come back. Baby’s Own Room encourages a healthy relationship with your significant other and it’s important to make that special time for one another. So call a trusted adult and make a date with your hunny you deserve it!

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Turquoise & Lime Owl Baby Bedding

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Owl Baby Bedding If you have a love of nature, and want to instill the same sentiment in your child from babyhood, consider this charming Owl Baby Bedding set from Sweet JoJo Designs to decorate your nursery. A woodland themed nursery does not have to be rustic looking, or dominated by dark greens and browns. This Hooty Baby Bedding Collection will provide a “woodland creatures” theme with a modern vibe, livening up your baby’s first environment with bright solid colors and polka dots and a fun, artistic take on multicolored owls and leaves. The 9-piece Turquoise and Lime Owl Baby Bedding set will turn your child’s room into a bright, relaxing woodsy wonderland. A family of adorable, friendly-looking owls will watch over your little one while he or she plays, sleeps, or rocks in mom’s lap during those precious quiet bonding moments.

Owl Wallpaper Borders

This owl wallpaper border adds detail and interest. Sold separately.

This bright and colorful Sweet Jojo Designs bedding set features soft microfiber appliqués of detailed owls, tree limbs, and leaves in yellow, orange, tan, and pale green. The crisp white background, solid panels of cheerful turquoise, and accents of lime green/white mini dots on the various bedding pieces are constructed of 100% cotton fabric. Every piece in the Owl Baby Bedding set is machine washable for easy care, and will fit any standard crib and/or toddler bed.

White & Turquoise Owl Curtains

The fun white and teal curtains are a great way to tie your owl nursery together. They add fullness to your windows and interest to your nursery. Sold separately.

Create a kid-friendly space for your baby that can grow with him or her to transition into a fun toddler room, with the cute characters and modern color palette of the Hooty Baby Bedding Collection. The set includes a soft, warm Crib Comforter; Pleated Crib Skirt and two matching Window Valances; a coordinating Crib Sheet and Decorative Pillow, lime green/white micro-dot Crib Bumper with lime green ties, a Diaper Stacker, and a 4-pocket Toy Bag.  

If you are looking for bedding for your boys room check out Just Boys Bedding, they have an amazing selection of Animal Themes that range from toddler to queen sets.



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