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Western Crib Bedding For Cowboys and Cowgirls

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Western Crib Bedding

If your child is into cowboys and horses, a western theme bedroom is a perfect match. Sweet Jojo Designs offer the ideal western crib bedding collection with the Wild West Cowboy 9 piece Crib Collection.

Your collection will contain a warm crib comforter, crib bumper, fitted sheet, crib skirt, diaper stacker, toy bag, decorative pillow, and two window valances. The theme is geared for little boys, but don’t worry we’ve got your cowgirls covered too. The design has the prints of a cowboy, cow, and red bandana and then mixes in the plaid, denim, and micro suede look. Your son will find the embroidered horseshoes and the sheriff stars will finish the look off.

It is made out of 100% cotton so it will be easy to wash when it becomes dirty. You can also find many accessories to complement this bedding set. The red, brown, blue, tan, and gold colors are bright and bold. The wallpapers, wall decals, and memory fabric boards help accent the walls of your little cowboy’s room. You can complete the look with a diaper changing pad, hamper and lamp. As your child grows, you can change the size of the sheets from crib size to full or queen size.

There are many ways to adjust the look of this cowboy baby bedding set, and they all are sure to make sure that every child that loves the Wild West is forever satisfied. They will be able to let their imagination go wild. Every little girl wants a pony of their own, and a small rocking horse would fit right in this room.

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Designer: The Little Acorn

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The Little Acorn Crib Bedding

Children love to have their rooms decorated to display who they are. Finding fun designs that are affordable, bold, and great for both boys and girls can be difficult. The Little Acorn is a children’s design company that offers designs for infants through preschool. You can find designs that create an adorable nursery, and then find accessories that are then available for children who have lost their teeth or need some place to store their spoon and fork. And here at we are proud to announce that we now carry their line of beautiful embroidered crib bedding to fun stuffed animals!

Forest Animals Wishing Tree Crib Quilt

The Little Acorn is a company based in San Francisco, CA and creates whimsical products for children. The products are colorful and meaningful that creates a positive way to learn and stand out. The company was awarded in 2011 for Friends Come in All Colors, and Learn your Colors because of the creativity used in the pillows, wall art, and the place mats available.

Baby Owl Pillow The Little Acorn collections are designed by Bridget Kelly who has been designing products for children for the last 20 years. You may have seen her work with Pottery Barn Kids, Nike, Mattel, Whistle & Wink, and others. She knows what parents want to see and a message with soul is one of those. She brings acceptance and appreciation of nature to items that kids will love to have on their walls.

Bridget ensures that each of The Little Acorn products are handcrafted and built to last and having something that can be passed down through the generations. The Little Acorn motto is Grow up Happy, and it is everyone’s dream for this company to be able to do that with whimsical and fun products that every child will love to hold and cling to. Baby’s Own Room is a proud retailer of The Little Acorn and we are excited to see what exciting new creates Bridget will come up with next. 

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New Moms: Will my baby stop breathing?

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Being a new parent is very stressful, especially with everything that could go wrong. The fear of the unknown is always compounded by the fear of the infant dying. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, SIDS, is something that every mother dreads. There are a few ways to attempt to prevent it, but sometimes the best thing you can do is take a deep breath and realize it rarely happens.

Firm Bed

The first thing you can do for your infant is to place him or her on a firm mattress pad that does not have any extra toys on the bed. The mattress and limited items assist in preventing the infant from suffocating. The child should also sleep on his or her back.

Ceiling Fan

You do not want your infant to overheat. Ceiling fans help the air circulate and keep the infant cooler. Ceiling fans have also been shown to help regulate an infant’s breathing. It is unknown why, but has been known to work.


Whatever your thoughts are on pacifiers, they can prevent SIDS. The sucking reflex keeps your infant’s breathing regulated. It is also a coping mechanism that helps relieve stress. Your baby does not need to have the pacifier all night long, only to fall asleep.

Keep Baby Close

Using bedside bassinets and sleepers are a great way to prevent SIDS. You can easily breastfeed, but more importantly, your infant will be able to match his or her breathing to yours. If you have ever sat in a room with another person, you will notice that you breathe the same after a little while. It is the same with infants. It is best to have your infant as close to you as possible for the first few months of life. It will help you sleep better, and keep your infant healthier. encourages all new moms to educate themselves as much as possible about SIDS, check out the American SIDS Institute website for some great information. Also, if you are considering putting your child in daycare please be sure to ask, ask ask every and all questions regarding their knowledge and make sure they have a training policy in place.

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Children’s Room Decor: Nursery Wall Art Perfect for Baby

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Decorating your child’s nursery is often done as nesting kicks in. It can be a lot of fun to pick out a theme and then bedding to match. When it comes to the walls, many people will paint them a solid color and not think anything else of it but there is a lot more that can be done from wall hangings to vinyl stickers.

Wall Hanging

The great thing about wall hangings is you can stick with the theme and create very basic pictures to teach the child as he or she grows. There are wall hangings that are made from fabric, and others that are pictures that are framed.

Little Lamb Nursery Decor

Vinyl Stickers

With vinyl stickers, you can easily change them whenever you desire. Vinyl stickers appear to be permanent but they are easy to put up and take down. There are many styles of the stickers, and some companies will even customize them with children’s names if preferred.

3D Wall Art

Wall art that is 3D are often small wooden designs that can be added to murals or placed around the room. It helps make the room more interactive. They can also be customized to add vocabulary words, birth information, or any other information you want to have painted on it.

Wishing Tree Wall Art


While murals are not actually a wall hanging, it is something that can add detail to your child’s room. Murals are great to use as a base for hangings, 3D wall art, and vinyl stickers. You can paint your own murals or hire a professional painter.

Wall art in a child’s nursery helps give the infant something to focus on and learn different words. Using bright, bold colors is the best way to keep him or her entertained. Their creative juices will also begin to flow if you give those more to play with, or interact with.

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Fit Pregnancy: Pregnancy Pilates

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The more in shape you are, the easier your delivery will be and we like easy! So start by keeping your body in shape before during and after pregnancy. Yoga, walking, and running have all been shown to be beneficial to the expectant mother, but here is another exercise often overlooked. Pilates, it’s a great way to tone the body and paired with a good instructor you’ll be an unstoppable mama.

Some poses are not safe for an expectant mother to perform and you should always get the green light from your doctor beforehand but a healthy body makes delivery so much easier. Keeping your muscles toned and healthy will be in prime condition when they will be forced to contract hard enough to push a baby out. Having an instructor that is trained and experienced with prenatal aerobics and Pilates is key so ask around.

Most importantly talk to your OBGYN to make sure you are healthy enough to begin exercising, or to continue if you have already started. No pregnancy is the same, so knowing what your pregnancy needs are is important. The exercises that are good from conception to delivery include the following:

  • Breathing
  • Pelvic Tilts – helps the pelvic area, and helps recover the pelvic floor after delivery
  • Shoulder Protraction – strengthens the back muscles
  • Shoulder Retraction – strengthens both the back and shoulder blades
  • Cat Pose – keeps the back flexible
  • Hamstring stretch – allows your legs to remain stretched out for the walks
  • Lateral flexion – strengthens the core
  • Clam pose – helps with both breathing and movement
  • Forward kneeling stretch – stretches the back

It is important that you do not lie on your back or stomach after a certain point in your pregnancy to prevent injury. All of the exercises listed here can be done while sitting on the birthing ball, or standing up. encourages a happy healthy lifestyle. Healthy mom, healthy baby!

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