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Baby Blanket Boot Camp

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Babies and blankets sort of go hand and hand but today lets take a closer look at some different types of blankets and baby room decor.  You hear that you are not to have loose blankets around infants, but the nurses in the hospital wrap them up.

There is a big difference between baby blankets and swaddle blankets. Swaddling uses lightweight blankets that are large and can be pulled tight around the baby, which creates a cocoon environment for them. Making them feel safe and secure.  Babies are often swaddled right after birth because it keeps them calm. It is a breathable fabric so they will not overheat. They are also a large rectangular shape so you can wrap your baby and tuck in the remaining fabric.

If your baby fusses when you swaddle him or her, then you will want to switch to a baby blanket. Blankets are often 100% cotton and are fireproof. Many parents will personalize baby blankets, and have them match a theme selected for the child. It is important if you use baby blankets, you follow the blanket safety rules. Your blankets must be lightweight and able to be tucked in around the sides. You do not want any fringe or loose strings that could cut off the blood circulation to the finger. You also never want to have any beadwork on the blanket so take great care when choosing your baby room decor.

It may be difficult to decide when to switch from swaddle blankets to baby blankets if you are a first time mother. The best option is to go by your child’s cues and you will be able to sense when your child is too fussy to be swaddled. When you go to a baby store, you will want to ask for the location of the baby blankets and the swaddling blankets to make sure you buy the correct ones.

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Nursery Décor: Baby Girl’s Designer Nursery Bedding

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Victorian Nursery Bedding

When you have a baby, the theme of your room will grow with them through the first few years of life. You have nine months from conception to birth to plan your nursery, but only 20 to 22 weeks to know gender plans. You will need to know what color scheme and theme you want to go with. Décor has come a long way, and there are now dozens of choices for baby girl’s
designer nursery bedding

When many people think of baby girl bedrooms, they think pink and lacy. While this is extremely adorable, several feel that pink is overdone. There are now thousands of choices available with every color selection and themes, from princess to cowgirl, and animal to modern. There are no specific color palettes but pastels, purples, pink, and yellow have all been popular selections in designer nursery bedding sets.

Many parents have a hard time selecting a theme because of how many choices are available. To make things easier, parents will choose a color scheme and style. Then they can accent with several different accessories. For example, if you go with a modern nursery theme, you can do teals, gray and white. Or go all out with a full 9 piece crib set then the stress of decorating is no longer an issue. Whatever path you choose, you can be certain your child will love it.

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Potty Training Toddlers

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Potty Training Toddlers

There is no secret that Americans do many things differently than most of the world, and it is no different with potty training. Americans use diapers, and most of the rest of the world does not use them. When it comes to potty training age, between two and four, Americans are required to go through a song and dance to convince the child to potty in the toilet instead of the diaper. This is not so in many other countries.

Sticker Chart

One technique that can be used to help children want to potty in the toilet is with sticker charts. These work by having the child put a star on the chart every time they have a dry diaper, and make it to the bathroom. When their sticker charts become full, the child can then get a reward. The final reward will be underwear that the child enjoys instead of training pants.

Marbles Jar

Another technique that can be used is the marble in the jar method. Every time the child pees in the toilet, he or she gets to put one marble in the jar. If the child poops in the toilet, then he or she can put two marbles in. Again, the child gets a party when the jar is full.


Finally, you can use candy as a bribe to get your child to potty in the toilet. Most parents who select this method choose M&Ms because they are individual. Skittles also work, and it is often one piece of candy for urinating and two pieces for having a bowel movement. This method can sometimes back fire so be careful here.

In other countries, many parents allow their children to have bare bottoms and train through elimination communication. This just means parents are more in tune with their child and watch the signs (or cues) that their child needs to use the restroom. When they have those signs, they take the child to the location where they want the child to go potty. This routine just becomes the norm, without a big showing as many American parents make it out to be. However, like all things, what works for some will not work for all. encourages new mom & dad’s to try new things and see what works for you but don’t be afraid or worry about what others will think.

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Support Yaks in the Box Mongol Rally 2013

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The Mongol Rally is celebrating its 10th year in raising money in the most adventurous way for some really worthy causes. You might be wondering what adventure racing have to do with baby bedding and room decor? Baby’s Own Room is a proud sponsor of Team Yaks in the Box and we are offering up $100 store credit for anyone who donates $100 to one of the two charities supported by Yaks. Check out their page for more details at Yaks in the Box.

What is the Mongol Rally?

  • It’s a whirl wind of adventure of craziness and fund raising. The fun starts in London and 31 countries and 10,000 miles later the adventurers end up in Ulaanbaatar. Where? Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

How are they traveling?

  • In a tiny car, with no back up or set route, the goal is to reach the finish line.

Why would ANYONE want to do this?

  • For charity and adventure of course! Each team has to raise at least £1000 (for us American’s that’s $1528.30) for charity. Yaks in the Box are raising money for two worthy causes Half the Sky Movement (New Light) and Cool Earth.

How are donation monies spent & what are the causes?

The Yaks in the Box are driving across half of the earth’s circumference for New Light to raise money that provides safe shelter, education, and heathcare for victims of trafficking, women in prostitution, and children rescued from red light areas in Calcutta, India. Since the writing of this post they have already raised over $5,300, way to go team!

What your donation can help support:

  • $40 buys school uniforms and shoes for a child of a local sex worker for one year.
  • $60 funds food for one month for one child of a local sex worker.
  • $250 supports a child’s education for one year.
  • $500 provides vocational training to an at-risk young adolescent for one year.

***Support Yaks in the Box and New Light by donating here: New Light Fundraiser (

Cool Earth is the official charity partner of The Adventurists (who put on the Mongol Rally). They spent a lot of time and effort investigating who did what in the fight to save our beautiful forests; they were looking for something real and tangible, something measured in square metres not policy and intentions. Cool Earth meets those requirements and does a great job at working with local rainforest communities to protect rainforest from being cut down. The organization protects rainforest that forms a protective blockade for tens of thousands of acres of adjacent forest, and works with local communities to make sure that they are best placed to protect the rainforest. Most importantly they spend less than 10% of supporters’ money on administration. At the time of writing this post Yaks in the Box have raised over $2200, awesome job guys!

Your donations will help:

  • $25 protects a 1/4 acre of rainforest.
  • $50 protects a 1/2 acre of rainforest.
  • $100 protects one acre of rainforest.

***Support Yaks in the Box and Cool Earth by donating here:  Cool Earth Fundraiser (

The Mongol Rally isn’t for everyone it is dangerous, it is no picnic or European holiday. But the contestants are free spirited globe trotters who love a good adventure for a great cause! Stop by Yaks in the Box website where you can meet the Yaks, track their whereabouts and follow their amazing journey!

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Travel & Kids: The Nomadic Lifestyle

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Many people believe that once you have a family, your ability to travel and enjoy the world is over. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, traveling with your children allows you the ability to form bonds that you will not get anywhere else. You also will be able to teach your children everywhere you go. There are some ways to make traveling easier.

  • Take an extra suitcase for keepsakes and souvenirs. You will also find that not all of your belongings will fit in the bags you take.
  • Check in early to get seats.
  • Bring electronics that will occupy your child’s time. If you prefer not to have electronics, use books and puzzles to keep their mind moving.
  • Create quiz sheets so your kids can enjoy the pit stops as much as you do.
  • Bring medication to cure headaches, stomachaches, and cuts. Anything that can create your child to feel left out will create meltdowns.
  • Plan ahead and stay in places where children are included. Look for hotels with kid activities, pools, arcades, and so forth.
  • Plan breaks in your day. You may be okay with going from one stop to another, but your children will not. By allowing them a break, you are acknowledging their needs and desires as well.

Traveling with kids can be quite easy as long as you plan ahead. There are many child-friendly activities in most cities around the world and many hotels are both child and pet friendly. Many vacation packages in the Caribbean have nannies to watch your children included in the price. There is no reason just to stop traveling when you have children. There is so much to learn and experience. While it may be a little pricier, the memories you will make will be priceless and encourages our mom & dad’s to keep your feet moving around the world if that is your passion.

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