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Wonderful Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

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Father’s day is right around the corner this Sunday to be exact and we’re sure you are looking for the perfect way to celebrate your special man this year. Whether it be your husband, father or boyfriend there are a number of ways you celebrate father’s day! Fortunately, no one has to settle for the boring traditional option of taking your dad out to dinner. Not that there is anything wrong with that but why not try something more creative?

Comedy Show

Does your dad enjoy watching the comedy network? Everyone enjoys a good laugh every now and then. And after working those long hours dad’s due for some relaxation and laughter. Find a live comedy show somewhere close by and enjoy the non-stop smile on his face.


Yep, I said it, a picnic. They are a great way to relax and enjoy the great outdoors without having to stray too far from home. Picnics are relaxing and really a lot of fun. Unfortunately, they are not something that people do very often. Break that cycle and have a picnic. Find a nice park, lake or creek in your community and enjoy a simple bite to eat with dad.

Sports Game

Sports may not be for everyone, but if your father likes sports you cannot go wrong with tickets to a game. If you aren’t into the sport maybe give him two tickets and sent him off with a friend so they can both enjoy it (manly style).

When it comes down to the best way to celebrate father’s day depends on what your dad likes. Remember that this is a day to honor and appreciate your father. Whatever you and your father end up doing, it is important to make sure it is something that you know he is going to love. Sometimes a hand-made card is enough. I use to give my father rocks from our garden every year for a while. I’m pretty sure he loved those! J

Baby’s Own Room LOVES fun dads so show your dad (or special man in your life) how much you care and do something fun and creative. Happy Father’s Day!

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Animal Print Crib Bedding

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Animal Print Crib Bedding

Are you looking for a creative way to decorate your baby’s nursery that will work for either a boy or a girl, and can grow with your child into toddlerhood? You can let your imagination run wild with animal prints or a jungle safari theme. Babies love animals and bold patterns in their surroundings, and Sweet Jojo Designs 9-piece Animal Print Crib Bedding set can be an inspiring focal point in a nursery featuring both of these elements.











Get wild with your nursery walls with this coordinating leopard print wall borders.

Animal Print Wall Paper Border

Blocks of solid beige and leopard print framed in black adorn the quilted crib comforter in this stylish unisex bedding set. The neutral tones and butter-soft textured microsuede material of this collection create a designer look and cut the cute factor that overwhelms many nurseries. The Animal Print Crib Bedding set also includes a paneled wrap-around bumper interspersing solid black and solid beige between blocks of leopard print. The tailored dust ruffle of leopard print is trimmed with a wide black band, and a solid beige microsuede fitted crib sheet keeps the leopard pattern from overwhelming the room.

Animal Print Changing Pad coverBe sure to get the Coordinating changing cover to finish the look and feel of your wild theme nursery perfectly.

Depending on other design elements, you choose for the nursery and how and where you place the additional coordinated accessories; you can pull together a chic look or a cozier, whimsical jungle theme. If you complete the room with earthy, rich natural colors, soft oatmeal or almond carpet and walls, and a few striking pieces of animal-themed wall art, you will have an elegant designer space. Alternatively, add bright jungle flowers and birds in a friendly wall mural and lots of plush jungle animals to inspire your little one’s imagination. Accessories in the 9-piece set include a diaper stacker, decorative pillow, two leopard print window valances, and a coordinated toy bag. The Animal Print Crib Bedding set is designed to fit toddler beds as well as cribs, so as your little adventurer grows, you can easily change or add a few elements to create an imaginative toddler’s jungle playground.


Cheetah Baby BeddingHaving a girl check out this all girl Cheetah Baby Bedding set.






Giraffe Print Baby Bedding Or stick with a gender neutral Giraffe Print Baby Bedding theme.  






Lamb Baby Bedding

 or go with the super cute gender neutral little Lamb Baby Bedding collection.





Come check out all of Baby’s Own Room Animal Crib Bedding themes.  We have a great selection of wild nursery themes plus all the wild room decor to match! 


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Children’s Room Decor: Lighting

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Children’s room decor is one of many aspects of being a parent that is really enjoyable. There is nothing more heartwarming that seeing that light in your child’s eyes when they see their newly decorated bedroom for the very first time. A child’s bedroom is a great place for you to experiment with different colors and different lightening. Children really love having bold, bright, and unique bedrooms. A bright, bold, and colorful room really reflects the liveliness of your child’s personality.

Forest Friends Children's Room Decor

Naturally, there needs to be a balance and there is such thing as too much bright and bold. You want your child to have fun and enjoy their bedroom during the day. But, you also want to make sure that the room is not so bright and lively that they are not going to be able to get to sleep at night. This is why it is important to find the perfect blend of bold colors and subtle accents.

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to splash a little extra color in the room is to get lamp shades that are a specific color or to get colored light bulbs. The cool thing about either option is depending on the age of your child they are going to be completely enamored by the different colors that illuminate from the lamp.

Zig Zag Children's Room DecorWhen it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom it is important to not let yourself overlook the power of neutral colors. If your child is afraid of the dark white is going to be your favorite color. Even in a dark room when all of the lights are off, the white areas of the room will still give the room a little bit of light. There is nothing wrong with investing in night lights. But, something a little more creating and fun would be to consider adding glow in the dark stickers to the decor of your child’s bedroom. Glow in the dark stickers are another fun children’s room decor options, they light up when the lights are out. Leaving your child to wonder how on EARTH they do that!?

           Butterfly Children's Room Decor

The most important thing for you to remember when decorating your child’s room depending on their age it should be a little more about your child than yourself. Include your child in the process and allow them a role in deciding what colors, lamps, or types of furniture and other types of room decor for their new room. You’ll be surprised how happy your child will be over getting to pick something so small such as what style or color the lamp shades are.

Damask Children's Room Decor

Damask Print Children's Room Decor


Baby’s Own Room has a great selection of kids bedding from baby, toddler to teen we’ve got something for every mattress in your home! And if you’re looking for a one stop shop that offers children’s room decor to match the bedding, Baby’s Own Room is the place to be. From lamp shades to curtain window panels, wallpaper borders to decorative throw pillows, we have a great selection of children’s room decor to create an amazing room for your child.

Great wall borders for any room!

Camo Print Wall Paper Border

Damask Print Wallpaper Border

Animal Print Wallpaper Border



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Fit Pregnancy: Prenatal Vitamins and Eating Healthy

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Fit Pregnancy

Prenatal vitamin supplements are important during pregnancy because they provide the vitamins and minerals that both the mother and the baby needs during pregnancy. They are important because they protect against diseases that can be caused by deficiencies. They also ensure that you baby goes through a normal development process. Ideally, you should start taking prenatal vitamins a few months before you conceive your baby. Chances are pretty good that you already know that prenatal vitamins and eating healthy are important for both you and your baby. But, have you ever thought about what happens when you do not take your prenatal vitamins?

Consequences for the Baby

Your baby may not develop properly without receiving proper levels of vitamins and minerals. The lack of certain vitamins and minerals can also cause birth defects to occur. It may also result in premature labor and birth.

Consequences for the Mother

Your body is going to pull from its own source of nutrients and vitamins in order to meet the baby’s needs first. It is fairly common for a mother to suffer from deficiency before the baby is even affected by it. Some of the more common deficiencies include calcium and iron.

Prenatal vitamins may provide a lot of the vitamins and nutrients that you need, but they do not always supply all of the, For example, 100 percent of the calcium that a pregnant women needs is not provided in prenatal vitamins. This is partly to do with the fact that it would make the supplement too big and somewhat awkward to consume. A lot of moms-to-be highly recommend adding vitamin D and omega-3 supplements in addition to taking prenatal vitamins every day. A separate calcium or iron supplement may also be needed, but that is usually a decision made by your doctor.

Leafy greens, colorful fruits and veggies are loaded with all kinds of good nutrients that your body will thank you for. Baby’s Own Room promotes a healthy diet for a healthy baby and a speedy recovery for mom. Eating healthy before, during and after pregnancy is a win-win for both mom & baby and maybe dad too.

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