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Breast Feeding: Healthy Diet Healthy Baby

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No one can tell you how you should and should not feed your baby. Not to mention the fact that no one can tell you how you should and should not feed yourself. However, it is common knowledge that there are a lot of health benefits to breastfeeding your child. Furthermore, there are also a number of health benefits to having a healthy diet while you are pregnant and breastfeeding your child.

Breastfeeding gives mothers a chance to bond with their baby. Naturally, it is possible to bond with your baby when feeding them with a bottle but some mothers believe there is a real difference. Breastfeeding is a great healthy way to help lose any of that unwanted the baby fat you may have gained during pregnancy. This is because your body is going to burn a lot of calories every single time it makes milk like 500 or more calories per day! Of course it is cost effective, formula is expensive and yet breast milk is free.

Your baby is going to reap a lot of benefits if you make the choice to breastfeed. While formula is healthy and perfectly safe for your baby, there are some vitamins and nutrients in breast milk that cannot be recreated by man. The nutrients in breast milk give your new baby a great start for development. If you and/or your partner have a lot of health issues including things such as asthma and allergies, it may be a good idea to consider feeding your child breast milk. Some of the nutrients and vitamins in breast milk will boost your child’s immune system and help them to be less prone to these conditions. Even if you decide not to breastfeed your child, you should try to give them their first few feedings as breast milk. The first few days your child eats breast milk it is actually called colostrum. Colostrum is a yellow liquid that women produce before they make their actual breast milk. Colostrum is filled with nutrients that boost a newborns immune system and help them fight of infections. Even if you only breastfeed your child one time or only for a month, you the benefits are monumental.

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Experts say that breast milk is the healthiest nutrition for an infant; however breastfeeding is some cases is just not an option for new moms. For many women, the decision to breastfeed or formula feed is based on their comfort level, lifestyle, and medical considerations. Some new mothers they have a feeling of guilt if they don’t breastfeed. Rest assure as a mother you will bond with your newborn, just as a father does. There is a deeper bond that goes beyond feeding time.  The smells and physical contact and the sound of your voice are all very stimulating to your baby, building an unbreakable bond. Feeding time is important and whether it be breast milk or formula, it is part of the connection between mother, father and baby.

Baby’s Own Room knows the decision to breastfeed or formula feed your baby is a very personal one, so don’t let the judgment of others sway you. Go with what you feel most comfortable with and remember if you do choose formula there are millions of happy and healthy babies out there who enjoy it.

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Keeping Toddlers Busy with a Busy Box

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While most road trips and extended amount of times spend inside of a vehicle with a child are planned – you are not perfect and unexpected things do happen from time to time. In the event that something unexpected happens which causes you to need to drive a long distance, you may not always have to plan for how you are going to entertain your toddler in the vehicle during the drive. This is where busy boxes for toddlers come in handy.

What is a busy box?

A busy box is nothing more than a container that is filled with things that serve the purpose of keeping a toddler busy in the car. For example, children’s’ crafts, crayons, coloring books, and sticker books are just a few things you might find within a busy box. If your child enjoys playing with stuffed animals or action figures – you may include those in the box as well. A busy box is going to differ from one child to the next because the goal is to fill the box with things that your child would enjoy. You know your child better than anyone and you know what is going to keep them entertained during your long car ride.

Some parents will suggest including snacks or drinks in the busy box as well. This can be something as simple as candy, cookies, crackers, chips and juice boxes. You will avoid hearing “mommy, I’m hungry!” if you include a few snacks and drinks in the busy box as well. In general, a busy box is also going to help you avoid hearing “mommy, I’m bored” and “mommy, are we there yet?” every few minutes. Research has also shown that older children will take less bathroom breaks if they have things to keep them busy in the car. Overall, the road trip is going to be a lot more enjoyable for you, your child, and any passengers if you take the time to pack a busy box so take it from Baby’s Own Room and be sure to never leave home without your Toddlers Busy Box.

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Crib Conversion Kit: Child Craft Lifetime Cribs

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Child Craft CribsChildCraft lifetime crib conversion kit is the most cost efficient way to buy your new bundle of joy a bed. Naturally, the question looming on your mind at this point is: what on earth is a crib conversion kit and how is it any different than a crib? While you baby is still growing in the oven chances of you thinking about your baby being a toddler or tween is the farthest thing from your mind but Child Craft has created a great way to extend the life of your baby’s crib.

Now the unfortunate truth is that baby cribs are an expensive but unavoidable purchase that anyone with a baby on the way has to eventually make. With a 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 crib, conversion rails extend the life of your crib by transforming it into a Full size bed. When you are initially thinking of purchasing a crib you could save some money by buying a bassinet. But, most infants become too large or weight too much to sleep in their bassinet by the time they are a couple months old. A Child Craft lifetime Crib really takes your child from birth to adulthood in the big picture it’s a far better investment, more bang for your buck!


ABC’s of 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 cribs:

1.  Crib Child Craft Camden Lifetime Crib



2.  Toddler bed or day bed. Be sure to use a toddler guard rail to prevent your little one from rolling out of bed.











 3.  Full size bed with a crib conversion kit, full size bed rails or conversion rails (these go by many names).

Crib Conversion Kit | Full Size Bed Rails | Conversion Rails
2 long rails that connection the head/foot board (either wood or metal) and 3 wooden slats to hod box spring and mattress in place.


Purchasing a Child Craft Lifetime Crib is a way to invest in the sleeping habits of your child’s future. ChildCraft cribs are truly built to last and the crib conversion kits extend your investment for your growing with your child. This means that when your child hits their toddler years, you can turn the crib into a toddler bed and then when the time is right a full sized bed for continued use.

When you purchase your child a Child Craft Lifetime Crib, take good care of it and it will serve you well for many years. Most parents are able to go until their child is anywhere from three to four, but with the lifetime crib they will have it forever.

Baby’s Own Room is the #1 resource for Child Craft Crib Conversion Kits for both current and discontinued crib models. So if you have an old ChildCraft crib in your attic or basement that you forgot about head down or upstairs, dust it off and grab the model number from it, then check our Conversion Kit Fit Guide. You will be looking for a 7 digit number as shown in the picture below and it will be stamped on the crib underneath one of the short ends (head/footboard for baby). If you need assistance we’re always available, call or email us with questions!

Baby’s Own Room



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Travel and Kids: Top 5 Family Road Trips this summer

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When you take your children on a family road trip, getting there is half of the fun. The most important thing you can do is not allow your family to get stuck thinking that the family vacation starts when you get to your destination. You want the vacation to start when the driving does. In fact, depending on where you go it is possible to turn the road trip into the vacation. Here are two specific locations that make for great road trips for you and your family:

1.  Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway makes a great road trip if you are in the mood for some sightseeing. This highway is actually one of the most famous highways in the United States as it runs along some of the most beautiful coastlines in the entire USA. It is considered by most to be the “All American-Road.”

2.  Route 66

Route 66 was once known as America’s Main Street. It is a route that extends from Chicago to Los Angeles. It is the natural change in scenery as you progress down this road that most travelers come for. Traveling down Route 66 is a great road trip for families with children because there are a lot of family activities to do along the way.

A family road trip does not have to be based on traveling down a route or specific road that already exists. It may be more fun to plan out the road trip for your family. Here are three road trip themes that give your family a little more freedom for planning, break the mode and enjoy the adventure:


3.  History Road Trip

A history road trip is meant to be fun and educational. Obviously, this is going to be an ideal road trip for families with children who are a little older. Consisting of visiting landmarks and museums and learning about America’s history.

4.  Themed Road Trip

A themed road trip is your chance to really appeal to your children’s interest. Your goal is to try to find landmarks, attractions, and museums that contain things that revolve around what your child likes. Then, you plan the road trip around the location of some of these destinations. Anything from mountain biking to rock climbing to tasting all the best local ice cream shops in each new city, this theme is limitless!

5.  Photo Scavenger Hunt Trip

A photo scavenger hunt trip is fun because you can really go anywhere. The goal of this trip is to get your children more observant of the things outside of the car as you travel. The trick is to preplan the trip with a list of things they should take pictures of while on the trip. This will make them more observant and make the trip a little more exciting for them.

Baby’s Own Room wishes you safe travels this summer and we sincerely hope that you have a great time with your family on a fun road adventure! It’s a great time to bond with older kids and get little ones use to be on the move. If you have a passion for travel…keep those feet moving and your children are sure to develop a taste for the adventurous spirit.

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Introducing Elizabeth Collection: Pink & Gray Damask Print Bedding

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It is time to personalize your baby girls nursery with a beautiful bedding collection. Create a charming boutique style for your little princess with the Elizabeth Pink & Gray Damask Baby Bedding Collection by Sweet Jojo Designs.

The delicate pink, gray and white damask print on the 9 pieces of this soft 100 percent cotton bedding set will bring a classic elegance to your child’s nursery. The soft solid pink reverse side of the crib blanket, and pink piping details on the blanket, bumper, crib skirt, and decorative heart pillow will add just the right feminine touch to your baby girl’s décor. The 100 percent cotton fitted crib sheet is pristine white for versatility, and coordinating gray damask or solid pink sheets are available for added options.

Sweet Jojo bedding products have details that define superior quality and functionality. Included in this lovely designer damask crib bedding set are a reversible crib blanket, damask print padded bumper, accent pillow, pair of rod-pocket window valances, crib skirt, fitted sheet, and coordinated toy bag and diaper stacker. All 9 pieces are made of pure, soft cotton, sized to fit all standard cribs and toddler mattresses, and are machine washable for easy care.


Surround your little one with softness and style that can move with her from infancy to toddlerhood to teen with ageless details. And remember, for additional décor options or little changes as she grows, Sweet Jojo Designs also creates a variety of other coordinating room accessories for their bedding sets, including wall décor, lampshades, hampers, and curtains. Baby’s Own Room offers great bedding collections & room decor at  great prices with fabulous service!

pink gray damask bedding


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