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Nursery Furniture: What do I need?

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There is nothing more exciting than the joy of bringing a new member of the family home. Even before their new baby comes home, most parents enjoy the pleasure of decorating and furnishing the nursery for their new baby. Just like adults and older children, there are specific types of furniture that every baby needs in their room. In fact, you are probably going to spend more time decorating and furnishing your child’s nursery than you will with any other preparation for your child.

Obviously, a crib is going to be the most important piece of furniture in your child’s nursery. This is because your new baby is going to sleep in a crib until it is time for them to move to a real bed. This means that the first two or three years of their life is going to be spent in this type of bed. Ideally, you want to select a sturdy crib that is going to last for years to come.

Crib Toddler                          Full Size Bed


There are even 3-in-1 cribs in the market that grow with your child. This means that when your child is ready to move out of the crib and into a real bed, you can just adjust the crib and continue to use it. These beds are also known as Child Craft Lifetime Beds. 3-in-1 cribs are easily converted into full size beds with the help of a Crib Conversion Kit and this is all the more reason to get a sturdy and durable crib. Most of the time an individual is going to spend a few hundred dollars on a crib. It is completely worth the cost because you really do get years of usage out of a crib.

A bassinet or cradle is an option piece of furniture that some parents really enjoy. They are a smaller, comfortable, and convenient place for your baby to sleep during the first few months of their life. Most children feel more at ease in a bassinet or cradle because of how small and cozy they are. The other reason individuals like bassinets is because they are a portable bed that can easily be moved from room to room.

Other pieces of furniture you may way to consider include a changing table, a rocking chair, and a diaper pail. The rocking chair is a perfect way to feed your child and rock them back to sleep. A changing table is the most convenient way to change diapers. Furthermore, most changing tables make a great way to store a lot of your child’s products including wipes, diapers, ointments, and clothing. A diaper pail is just a good idea because it is a trash can that is designed to help eliminate the smell of a dirty diaper.

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Tips for Getting a Toddler to Sleep

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For a new parent, it can be both cute and heartwarming when your toddler starts climbing into bed with you at night because they can’t sleep. Now, there is nothing wrong with letting your child sleep in the bed with you every once in a while. Everyone has trouble sleeping or has a bad dream from time to time.

For most people, it is just a lot more comforting and easier to sleep with someone else. However, there comes a time where you need to transition your child to sleeping in their own bed and in their own room. This can be a difficult task because a lot of toddlers grew up sleeping in a crib that was in the room with their parents. It is hard to break a toddler of something they are comfortable with.

What most parents do not know is that the room decor could play a huge role in helping transition your toddler from a nursery to toddlerhood. For most parents, a toddler room decor can be just as exciting as nursery room decor. It gives you a chance to give your child’s room a style that fits their unique personality. What can really help make your toddler feel comfortable in their room is allow them the freedom of helping pick things for their new room. Let them pick their favorite TV show, favorite movie, or some of their favorite colors. If your child helps decorate their room, they are more likely going to like it and it may feel more comfortable to them. This just might make it easier for them to get to sleep and stay asleep in their own room.  Need some ideas for your toddlers new room?  


Come visit us at Baby’s Own Room. We’ve got a great selection of crib bedding that graduates to toddler size, so as your little man or pretty girl grows; so does their familiar room decor.    

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Choosing a Name for Your Baby

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Derek, Jacob, Daniel, Steve? No how about Christopher? Perfect!

There is nothing more exciting than finding out you are going to have a child. One of the most exciting parts of having a child is getting to decide on the name of your new child. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most difficult tasks of preparing for a new child. The best advice that someone could give to a parent deciding on a name is to put themselves in their child’s shoes. A child’s name is something that is permanent. They are going to have to live with the name for the rest of their lives. This is why you cannot just pick a name that is going to look great on a cute little baby. You have to also pick a name that a grown individual can be proud of as well.

A parent also needs to think about what kind of nicknames or jokes can spring up with the name they are considering for their child. You want to make sure you are not setting your child up to be bullied when they get in school or start playing with other kids. You also want to make sure that the name you are interested in works with your last name. You do not want to give your child a name that runs any risk that they are going to get made fun of.

A long, complicated, or unique name may seem like fun for you; but it is not going to be fun for your child. You have to think about the fact that your child is going to need to know how to say their name when they start learning to talk. Furthermore, it is going to be one of the first things they learn how to spell and write. The last thing you want to do is set them up with a name that is going to be hard to spell, write, and say.

So far for 2013 these are the most popular baby names for boys and girl in ranking order:

1.  Liam                           1.  Emma

2.  Noah                          2.  Olivia

3.  Mason                        3.  Sophia

4.  Ethan                         4.  Isabella

5.  Jack                           5.  Ava

Trendy and classic celebrity names may or may not be a good idea. It is important to think about how unique you want your child’s name to be. If you name your child after a trending famous celebrity, it is important to realize that lots of other parents are doing the same thing. This means that your child may spend their life sending in classrooms with lots of other individuals with the same name.

Happy baby name choosing from Baby’s Own Room and if you need some ideas for the nursery we’ve got a great selection of several Baby Bedding Collections to choose from at great prices and as always FREE shipping. Ahh more decisions!

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Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas: Themes & Decor

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Adding some personal touches to a nursery is a great way for parents to spend some time together and prepare for their new child. For parents who have not been able to find out the gender or who have decided to wait, decorating and furnishing their child’s nursery can be a bit of complicated task. In fact, there are tons of ways that parents can create a very decorative nursery without defining the gender of the space.

You are going to want to start with a neutral theme for the nursery. Things such as animals, numbers, letters, and shape work well for both boys and girls. For example, Lamb Baby Bedding, Chevron Baby Bedding or Giraffe Print Baby Bedding can work perfectly for a neutral gender nursery.

Colors also play an important role in decorating your child’s nursery. This is because bright colors stimulate an infant’s brain. Normally, you would see a nursery decked out in pink or blue; but, that is not really something a parent can do when they do not know the gender of their new baby for whatever reason. Fortunately, your child’s room does not have to include the colors pink and blue. There are lots of bold, bright, and beautiful colors that work perfectly for gender neutral rooms.

ZigZag-GY-TQ_Crib_FULL250             032713_0002_GenderNeutr4.jpg

For example, a color pallet that consists of oranges, yellows, and browns are ideal for decorating a gender neutral nursery. The color red is also a very bold and neutral color. Some people prefer to go with a black and white nursery. It is suggested that you try to splash a little bit of color into your nursery even if you are doing one that is black and white.



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