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Fun Facts About St. Patty’s Day

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St. Patty’s Day is not just a day to wear green. Here are some fun facts that you might not know about the March holiday.

• The holiday is celebrated in over 200 countries.

• St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) was started as a day of feasting for St. Patrick. He was a saint in Ireland and said to have died in 461 AD.

• The first color of the holiday was blue not green!

• The biggest parade for the holiday is in New York with over 150,000 participants and an audience of around 3 million.  However, Boston, MA still holds the title of hosting the first St Patrick’s Day parade back in 1737.

• Every year, there are cities that turn the rivers green. The Chicago River is one of the first and largest that does this they started this tradition back in 1962.


No matter what the holiday means to you whether it be wear green or I’ll pinch you or a day of feasting.  One thing for sure, it’s a day fun, celebration and a great change to dress up goofy. A day where no one would question your bright green, glittery outfit with a bouncing shamrock headband and “Kiss me I’m Irish” pins!  They might however be asking why you aren’t wearing green!

Happy St. Patty’s Day from Baby’s Own Room!  Be safe and have fun!

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Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

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Things change when a woman becomes pregnant. She eats differently, she walks differently, she sits differently, she stands up differently, and most importantly she sleeps differently. In fact, when most women set out to become pregnant and successfully conceive a child, the last thing on their mind is how being pregnant is going to affect their sleeping habits. Fortunately, there are a lot of things a women can do to improve the quality of her sleep during her pregnancy. However, it is important to note that tips for better sleep while pregnant does vary depending on what trimester of the pregnancy the woman is in.

The vast majority of women claim that they have a lot of difficulty sleeping during their first trimester. During the first trimester of your pregnancy, you can expect to be woken up frequently through the night due to an increased need to urinate. It is also fairly common for physical and emotional stress to wake you up or cause you to sleep less soundly. It is also normal for you to experience drowsiness during the day. Most women agree that their second trimester is typically when they obtain the best sleep. This is mostly because the need for nighttime urination because less frequent. Most women would agree that you are going to experience the most trouble sleeping during your third trimester. This is because you are going to be in a lot of discomfort as a result of your growing belly. It is also pretty common to experience heart burn, leg cramps, and sinus congestion as well. Frequent nighttime urination also typically returns during the third trimester of your pregnancy.

  1. Having a lot of extra pillows in the bed can really help improve the quality of your sleep. This is because the extra pillows are going to provide more support to both your stomach and your back. It is also suggested that you place a pillow between your legs in order to support your lower back. This will make sleeping on your side easier.
  2. You can also improve the quality of your sleep by drinking a glass of warm milk before bed.
  3. Enjoying foods that are high in carbohydrates such as cracks, bread, or pasta can also help promote sleep. If you are prone to bad dreams, it is suggested that you eat foods that are high in protein before going to bed.
  4. It is also perfectly OK to take over the counter or prescription medication to promote better sleeping. It is just extremely important that you discuss any medication plans or changes with your doctor to make sure they are safe for your growing baby.

Lastly, you can help promote healthy sleep through various relaxation techniques. This includes things such as stretching, yoga, messages, and deep breathing. Anything that makes you less stressed out is going to help you sleep better.  Baby’s Own Room.

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Modern Lime Green Baby Bedding

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If you are looking to make your baby’s nursery modern, contemporary and beautiful, then you should really check out this Lime Green Baby Bedding. Lime green is a hot color right now, especially for the nursery. The color is great for the very gender neutral nursery, and can be paired easily with other colors, regardless if they are masculine or feminine. The Spirodot Lime and Black Crib Bedding Collection is the perfect choice if you are looking for this color template.

Choosing furniture for this set is easy and any color crib and nursery furniture would look great. You can have a black, cherry, wood, or white colored crib and furniture, and this will look great with it. As far as walls go for white, eggshell, neutral or off-white colored walls would allow the line green to stand out and make a statement. Colors and patterns are great for babies brain and eye development. Babies love looking at patterns such as circles and dots. The white and black and splashes of lime help stimulate baby’s brain.


Additional Room Decor Accessories

 This Lime Green Baby Bedding features a circle print in black, white and lime. It is paired with various polka dot prints. This is a very modern look to the baby nursery. The materials are 100% cotton, and are machine washable. This 9 piece set, includes everything you need for the nursery. The crib blanket, crib bumper, fitted sheet which is in a black and white polka print, crib skirt (or dust ruffle), diaper stacker, toy bag, decorative pillow, and 2 window valances. The room accessories are also available, such as the lamp, matching sheets with different patterns, musical mobile and more.

More than just for the baby, your toddler may love these colors too. It’s easy to upgrade their room from the baby crib to the toddler bed, and update the deco as well. This would be perfect to help with the transition. Come check out the complete Lime Green Baby Bedding collection today at Baby’s Own Room | great prices | Free Shipping.

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Baby Bedding Sets for Girls

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Heaven Sent Girl by Cotton Tale Designs

Shopping for ribbons and bows, frilly pink and lacy white fabrics?  Congratulations you’re having a Girl!  A nursery is more than just sheets and a comforter and these days Baby Bedding Sets Girls comes in a variety of fabrics with varying pieces, from three to eleven and sometimes more.  There are many unique patterns and themes of baby bedding sets for girls and in addition to the bedding you choose there are also numerous accessories to match (even if you purchased an 11 piece set). Most popular additions are, the laundry hamper for all those dirty dresses & rompers, a crib mobile and coordinating curtains.  These are some basic items that you will need for your baby girls nursery but there are also a handful of decorative details you can add as well such as wall decor,  photo memory board, fun wall decals or throw pillows.

A neat way to personalize your Baby’s Own Room is to use painted letters that spell out your daughter’s name.  Paint them in coordinating colors of the nursery and hang them on the wall behind the crib. This is a fun addition that really makes the room special.

Get creative with that 9 piece crib Baby Bedding Sets Girls from Sweet Jojo Designs and think of new ways or places to hang the diaper stacker and whereas you baby may be too young to have toys in her crib be sure to hang the toy bag and stuff some cute friends in there for a time when she is old enough to appreciate them. Use all items included in the set in your design efforts and piece by piece your baby girl’s nursery will soon be a show stopper with gorgeous bedding, soft beautiful colors and warm decor that you and your baby will love!

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A Stimulating Nursery for Your Baby

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Designer Dot 9 piece Baby Bedding
Sweet Jojo Designs

These days, parents want to give their babies a head start from birth. Starting with the baby bedding can be step one. The bedding and nursery decor you choose can help stimulate different areas of the baby’s brain. Studies show that parents can improve on the baby’s cognitive development and motor skills by introducing sensory rich items early. These items will help stimulate the baby’s brain activity.

Stimulating items can include the bedding you choose, wall art, sounds, and textures. The choice of bedding is an important decision, as it is the first and last thing the baby sees daily. Choosing a simple design with contrasting colors will help stimulate the area of the brain that controls vision. Stripes, dots, and geometric patterns are the most obvious choices. These Baby Bedding Collections can be found in a variety of colors and patterns for both genders, and even neutral colors.


Wall decor should run along the same theme as your baby’s bedding. Geometric designs, and bold color decor such as black and white. Black and white letters and/or shapes are a great way to incorporate this into any theme. Spell out your baby’s name with block lettering, rotating between black and white.

The sounds in the baby’s room should be stimulating as well. Classical music is a popular choice for many parents; from artists such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart are favorites. Many parents start playing this music while baby is still in the womb. Playing outside the womb once born has proven to calm the baby. Many baby crib mobiles offer classical music and nature sounds rather than typical lullabies. Although, you can find those too.


Lastly, the textures are a great way to help develop the baby’s brain. The Baby Bedding Collections you chose should have different textures to peak baby’s interest. Once baby starts reaching around his or her crib, they can feel the bumper and that it feels different from the sheet, or the blanket and the crib wood itself. This can also be incorporated into toys as well as toys that have lights, sounds, crinkly textures and minky fabrics which stimulate more than one area of the brain at a time.

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