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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Baby

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re a mom (or dad!) with a toddler or baby, well, it may seem that the romance has been zapped from your relationship with late nights up changing diapers, getting no sleep, crazy feeding schedules, and just generally going through everything related when raising a child!

But that’s no reason not to do something for Valentine’s Day, and it can reach across the spectrum from parent to child. Sure, you can (and should!) do something fun and helpful for your significant other for the holiday, but why leave the baby out of the celebration?

In fact, there are a few simple ways to have your baby take part in any Valentine’s Day celebration, and you can create a memory that you, your husband or wife, and your child – through pictures – can have with them for the rest of their lives.

A Memory Scrapbook For Everybodyscrapbook

There’s nothing better than creating a memory scrapbook of your baby’s first few weeks or months, to share with the entire family on Valentine’s Day. Sure, your baby won’t really know what’s going on – yet – but it will give them the opportunity to go back in time as they get older, and see what they were like as children, and what their parents did for them as they were being raised.



Who Says Babies Don’t Like Flowers?

Flowers and babies mix – why not? Get a bouquet of flowers for your child, as they are finally figuring out all the senses and things around them, using their eyes and ears to determine what everything is that they see, hear, and smell. Just avoid the chocolates, maybe, since they likely can’t enjoy them like you and your husband or wife can, anyways!



Stuffed Animals Never Get Old

Stuffed animals are a phenomenal option when it comes to giving a gift or surprising your baby for Valentine’s Day and a celebration. They love everything from teddy bears to cute kitten or lovable monkeys.  Give your baby something special that they can grow up with for the rest of their lives, clinging to and always thinking of mom and dad as they do so!


 Have a great Valentine’s Day from all of us at Baby’s Own Room, as you enjoy it with your significant other, your baby, and hopefully your greater family and friends, as well.  And for the day just forget that New Year’s Resolution you made…Valentine’s Day is just one day, so enjoy some chocolate!

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Toddler Bedding for Boys

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Bedtime doesn’t have to be stressful for you or your little man! With all the exciting Toddler Bedding for Boys available these days, there is something for every boy under the sun!  Does the special little boy in your life love cowboys?  Transform his room into the Wild West with a great cowboy theme toddler bedding.  He’ll gladly hop to bed in his western themed room.


If you have a tiny adventurer that you want to please, consider Toddler Bedding for Boys that have a dinosaur or a moon and star theme, or even fun jungle bedding! Creative kids will love bedding with bright colors, musical notes, or fun patterns. If you’ve got a miniature man’s man on your hands, camouflage prints and graphics of vehicles are a great choice! Complete the experience by offering up some pajamas that match your chosen bedding.


The trick to make bedtime fun and easy for the whole family is to pick up some fun Toddler Bedding for Boys. They’ll go to bed without arguments; a peaceful evening means a peaceful slumber. Once they wake up from the best sleep ever, they’ll thank you for their awesome new bedding!

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Designer Baby Bedding Valentines Day Sale

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Baby’s Own Room is having a  Designer Baby Bedding Valentines Day Sale  and its happening all month long.  Save 14% on all Sweet Jojo Designs 9 piece crib bedding sets.  W e carry a  great selection of modern, traditional and fun crib bedding sets for baby boys, girls and surprises.


From cowgirl to cheetah print and everything in between, we’ve got your baby girls nursery theme covered.  Expecting the unexpected, gender neutral nursery decor has never been more exciting from ultra modern zig-zag prints to animal prints to fun large dots.  Shopping for that little man: choose a great camo print for your little solider or a fun jungle theme with friendly animals.  Its never been easier to create the  nursery of your dreams.  Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Baby’s Own Room, your Affordable Designer Crib Bedding online source.


Sweet Baby of mine will you be my Valentine?
Such a delight to gaze upon your tiny fingers and tiny toes,
I love you so.
My bright eyed baby with your cute baby nose,
To hold you tight and hear your sweet baby sounds of gentle breathing and soft woes,
I love you so. I love you so.

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