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5 Tips for a Fit Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can make it hard to stay active, but staying fit while you’re pregnant can make you feel better throughout, both physically and emotionally, and may even make labor easier.  While it can be difficult for moms-to-be to find the time and energy to exercise and eat right it’s not completely out of reach. Here are a few simple ways to help you maintain your nutrition and fitness goals while pregnant. As with any new diet or exercise plan, discuss with your doctor first.

  1. Yoga.  Find a fitness friend and sign up for a yoga or prenatal Pilates class. It’s a great motivator to have a friend to workout with but if you do “go it alone,” these classes are a great way to meet other new moms to be.  Yoga can help increase flexibility and energy levels.  And with a handful of new friends utilize these contacts as walking buddies and other fitness orientated activities and work on your pregnancy fitness goals together!
  2. Walk!  Walking is a good non-dangerous way to stay active, aim for 30 to 60 minutes of exercise six days each week but make sure you’re not pushing yourself. If you notice that you’re low on energy cut your walks into sections 2 or 3 times a day or start slow with (10 minutes).  You may notice that once you get going, your energy levels rise and you feel encouraged to walk for a longer period than you originally thought. The goal here is to stay fit, not compete in the next body building contest.  So take it slow and listen to your body.
  3. Low-impact aerobics. Check your local gym for classes or if you are more comfortable at home invest in a few prenatal workout videos.  Ensure they are designed with modifications to fit your comfort level and are low-impact.  There are also hundreds of free exercise apps on IPhone.
  4. Swimming. Swimming is safe throughout the whole pregnancy, so take advantage of it. It keeps you active but is very low-impact – very easy to do while pregnant.
  5. Weight training. Don’t go for heavier weights, but light weight training can help keep your muscles stay tight, tone and strong during the pregnancy.

Take it slow and easy. Drink plenty of water and always have a bottle close by, even if you’re swimming. Be sure to include a warm-up and cool-down that includes stretching, which helps prevent strains and injuries.  Dress for your workout; wear comfortable clothes and proper footwear. Eat a balanced diet full of fruits and veggies to stay heart healthy and full of good energy. As you progress in your pregnancy, it is normal for the workouts to feel harder. The best thing you can do is listen, listen LISTEN to your body and stop when you need to.  How do you know if you need to slow down?  A good indicator is if you can’t hold a conversation with your fitness friend, then it’s time to slow your pace.  Stay fit, stay healthy and enjoy your pregnancy!

Baby’s Own Room

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Creating Your First Nursery

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Creating a nursery for your new baby is a big job however there is no reason it shouldn’t be enjoyable.  Many new parents start by choosing nursery furniture and to keep things in perspective note the dimensions the room you have to work with so you don’t end up with a surprise of too much furniture or worst not enough!  Here are some things to keep on the top of your mind while choosing your nursery furniture:  storage, size and style. New babies are small and their clothes tiny but they do grow and you want to look for something that is going to be able to grow with your child so you don’t continually purchase furniture. If your budget is tight considering utilizing the closet to its fullest!

Camden Crib 650

Once you have your furniture picked out and possible ordered now the real fun part comes, color style, bedding and décor!  The color choice is completely personal and depends on if you have or plan on finding out the gender of your baby, but once you have this decision the rest is easy.  Shopping for Baby Bedding Collections has got to be the most fun and there are a lot of choices out there from modern to sweet & cute you are sure to find something that you love.  If you’re having a girl you might consider this hot baby bedding set Cheetah Themed Nursery or if you’re looking for tranquil colors and bright whites check out this hip colorful Turquoise Owl Baby Bedding set.  Its baby bedding in motion!

Before your furniture arrives paint the walls and add the wallpaper borders before the furniture goes in – it will be a lot easier to work in an empty room than working around a bunch of furniture.  And this will ensure that you won’t be getting any paint droplets on your new purchases.


Cheetah Themed Nursery

Lastly it comes down to the finishing touches of nursery décor.  With Baby Bedding Collections these days you can choose to fill your nursery with matchy – matchy pieces all items coordinating perfectly OR you can go simple and choose select items OR mix and match the entire nursery, it’s really up to you.

Rest assured that whatever you decide your baby is sure to love!  And as with any thing in life this chapter in yours will sure have its ups and downs.  Be sure relax and enjoy the ups and try not to stress too much on the downs and if you need help enlist your mom, an aunt or a friend.



Turquoise Owl Baby Bedding

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Elephant Brigade Baby Bedding 11 Piece

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This set features elephants and other shapes and colors that are perfect for your baby girl or baby boy’s nursery.  A vibrant cheerful color pallet and fun interesting patterns that your baby will enjoy gazing at.  The Elephant Brigade Baby Bedding set is an adorable yet modern nursery set that is sure to meet your decor needs.  Elephants have been a top seller in recent years for nursery decor and this collection is like no other; classic, unique and downright delightful!


Elephant Brigade Baby Bedding 11 pc set (not included: hamper & wall art)

The focus of the Elephant Brigade Baby Bedding design is on the comforter, which includes images of elephants, trees and flowers.  While not every piece in the set is covered in elephants they are echoed throughout the pattern.  And unlike other crib bedding the Elephant Brigade Baby Bedding set has been carefully coordinated to guarantee a fantastic look from inside the crib as well as outside.

11 GREAT reasons to purchase the new Elephant Brigade Baby Bedding by CottonTale Designs:

  1. Coverletdealbanner
  2. Fitted Crib Sheet
  3. Crib Bed Skirt
  4. Bumper
  5. Diaper Stacker
  6. Pillow Pack (set of 3, different sizes)
  7. Toy Bag
  8. Window Valance 54 in. x 15 in.
  9. Decor Lamp
  10. Crib Mobile
  11. Rug (40 in. x 26 in.)

All 11 pieces for one great low price $299.99.

Save an additional $50.00 on this 11 piece set, use coupon code ELEPHANT2013.  But hurry this deal is only valid thru 3/14/2013.

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Monkey Crib Mobile Redesigned

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Mobiles are fun for newborn babies but as soon as your baby is able to reach the mobile (each child is different but typically between 3 and 5 months), remove it from his or her crib at once, for safety.  Newborn babies are still developing their eyesight and hearing so during this time it may seem like just enjoyable amusement it’s actually more than just that.  Think of it as your baby crafting his or her skills to improve their vision and hearing.  Your new baby will happily spend hours gawking and listening to his or her crib mobile they are great stimulation device for their senses.

Sweet Jojo Designs has redesigned their Monkey Crib Mobile.  The biggest difference is the sleeve cover has been changed from brown to green – and I gotta say I like the new color, it flows much nicer.  See for yourself below.

Monkey_MOBILE__old                             monkey-crib-mobile

 OLD Monkey Crib Mobile                                       NEW Monkey Crib Mobile

Do you love the newly designed Monkey Crib Mobile, want the entire Monkey Baby Bedding Collections?  We also carry this collection in Toddler size too!

For the month of February Baby’s Own Room is having a 14% OFF sale on all Sweet Jojo Designs Baby Bedding Collections, so stop on by and pick out your favorite; maybe its a Monkey nursery theme your searching for or maybe your passion is Owl Baby Bedding.  No matter your taste or preference we are sure to have something  that you are sure to fall in love with.

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Modern Bedding for Toddlers

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When it comes to shopping for Modern Bedding for Toddlers, if you are like most parents, you are concerned about two things:

1. Finding the perfect set for your toddler.

2. Cost.

While not everything in life comes with a guarantee; Modern Bedding for Toddlers is something that you can rest assured that you’re getting a great product for your money and a great value that your toddler will absolutely love, no matter their interests, favorite colors and shapes.

Whether you are looking for Toddler Bedding for Boys, or Toddler Bedding for Girls, there are countless options out there to ensure that you get everything you need and exactly what you want from the experience. Let’s review just a few of the popular ones.


 Zig Zag ToddlerBedding

The Yellow Zig Zag pattern by Sweet Jojo Designs provides parents with the greatest quality bedding and the craftsmanship and manufacturing talent to prove it, coupled with the phenomenal style, color, and overall theme that your youngster is sure to love as they crawl into their modern themed bedding.  With prices starting at $89.99, it’s a bargain when searching for quality bedding for your toddler and taking care of their every need and want.  The Zig Zag pattern is also available in Black and Gray Toddler Bedding and Turquoise & Gray


 Hot Dot Toddler Bedding

If you are searching for Toddler Bedding for Girls, look no further than the impossibly popular Hot Dot by Sweet Jojo Designs.  It’s a fun pattern of colors and polka dots.  Bright pink and bold black with polka dots and ruffled edges make this set fashionable and modern.  The bold colors to set the stage of your daughter’s Big Girl room and are grown up enough to keep the theme throughout her teen years!   Hot Dot Toddler Bedding is vibrant and made with 100% top quality cotton fabrics.  Prices start at $89.99 a low price for designer quality.


 Diamond Print (assorted colors)

The subtle Diamond print is a great option for parents who are in pursuit of a sleek and modern design or for those who are on a quest for sleek toddler bedding that will look great in a girl or boy’s room. This designer set comes in 3 modern colors: black, gray or white and includes the sheet set.

In all, there is no shortage of amazing options when it comes to Modern Bedding for Toddlers, if you need help with designs ideas or are ready to purchase come see us at Baby’s Own Room, we’re here to help you create a wonderfully designed room for your tiny tot!

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