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Stylish Toddler Room Decor and Modern Nursery Ideas

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Whether you’re expecting a new baby or your little one is ready to move up to his or her own room, decorating can be a lot of fun. It’s easy to get carried away, however. With so many Toddler Room Decor and modern nursery ideas available, you may find that your imagination is bigger than your space or your budget. Thankfully, it’s still possible to put together an attractive, practical nursery or children’s room even if you don’t have unlimited resources. The following will help get your creative juices flowing, then head over to Baby’s Own Room to create the room or nursery of your dreams.

Know Your Colors

In any decorating scheme; color plays the most important role in setting the mood and look of the room. By selecting a color scheme in advance, you’ll be able to keep your nursery or toddler’s room looking beautiful and well-designed. Choosing furniture, bedding or other accessories without a pre-selected scheme could result in something a lot more haphazard.



Modern – Hot Pink & Cheetah Print




Neutral – Browns, Tan, Green and Soft Blues

 If you’re setting up Toddler Room Decor, remember that younger children often want a change when it’s time for a room of their very own. If your child had a very traditional pink or blue nursery, he or she might want something a little more grown up.





Two-tone – Black & White Damask 



Focus on Bedding

Most modern nursery ideas focus heavily on crib sets and other bedding. After all, the bedding is one of the most important and constant objects in the room. Once you’ve selected your colors, choose coordinating bedding, then work from there to pick out accessories. Designing the room this way makes it much easier to create an attractive, well-designed environment that both kids and adults will find appealing.


Giraffe Print Baby Bedding 9 pc Set by Sweet Jojo Designs $189.99

Choose Versatile Furniture

The best furnishings for a nursery are those that can serve another purpose once your baby grows up a little. Consider convertible cribs that can be used as toddler beds or as desks and workstations by an older child. Changing tables and storage units can perform more than one function, too; the best turn into book or toy storage for preschoolers and elementary-age children.

No matter what kind of tastes, budget or space you have available for your nursery or your toddler’s room, you can put together a beautiful decorating scheme. Simply take a little time and think about the overall look and feel you’d prefer, then build the room up in small steps from there. With a little bit of advance consideration, you’re sure to get the perfect look.

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Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

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When you hear of the news that a friend or family member is pregnant, you should start planning the baby shower.  First things first, the new mother to be will decide on a nursery theme and which decor will be used.  Lots of mothers to be like to find out the gender of the baby for better planning, where others enjoy the surprise! Once all the details are in order, you can begin shopping for affordable designer crib bedding and other fun decorations.

The best time for a baby shower is when the weather is not too hot or too cold. Try to use a church fellowship hall or your home for the location. An afternoon baby shower is ideal because everyone will have time to eat lunch before arriving. Decorate the room with appropriate colors if you know the sex of the baby, if the mother is expecting a surprise yellows and greens are great neutral colors. Try to stick to the nursery decor when shopping for shower decorations to tie the entire experience together.

showerideasGet a few friends to help you with the shower by giving everyone a job, delegate snacks and drinks to one friend, and employ others to be in charge of decorations.  Then you can focus on the invitations, which will need to be sent out at least two weeks in advance and be sure to include where the new mom to be is registered to make gift buying easy.  By entrusting a committee to get the details of the shower nailed down it becomes more enjoyable for everyone and feels more like a team effort. Try to have everything set up about an hour before the shower begins.

Need to buy a great gift for a shower?  Looking for nursery decor or a great baby bedding collection stop by Baby’s Own Room, we offer great prices and free shipping, on all our products no order minimums.

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Lively Turquoise Crib Bedding Makes a Nursery Fun

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Once upon a time, parents-to-be didn’t have many decisions to make when it came to decorating the nursery. Most furniture was white and most crib bedding and soft furnishings were either pink, blue or yellow. Modern parents are a lot more style-conscious, however, and that extends to the nursery. Bold colors and decorative elements are a popular way to make your child’s environment fun and exciting, both for the new baby and for adults.

ZigZag-GY-TQ_Crib_FULLA Focus on Turquoise
Turquoise and teal are among the newest options for nursery decorating, and they provide a huge range of options for parents. For instance, you can pair turquoise crib bedding with traditional white furniture for a sweet, classic look or use it along with bright red walls and dark gray furniture for a gender neutral nursery that’s really stimulating.

If you’d like something a little softer, consider mixing turquoises and teals with other shades in the blue-green family for a tone-on-tone nursery. This kind of color scheme is great for parents who want a sky and clouds or undersea theme for their baby’s room. You can also add a feminine touch by combining teal crib bedding with soft pinks, muted lavender tones or light yellow.

Using Bold Colors Well
Especially in the nursery, it’s important not to take over the room with too many bright tones. That means you’ll need to use brilliant turquoise or teal elements carefully. Avoid painting the whole room with a very strong shade of turquoise unless you have plenty of light, muted tones to balance it.


Many parents actually stick to using smaller elements, such as pillows, caddies and wall hangings, to add a safe, comforting touch of color without the risk of overwhelming the viewer. Generally speaking, the brighter and bolder the tone, the smaller it should be in the context of the entire room. This is the best way to keep your turquoise nursery feeling exciting and inviting.

Where to Start
If you’re interested in introducing this appealing color into your nursery decorating scheme but don’t know where to start, you’ll need to stick to small changes. Major nursery overhauls can be wonderful if they’re done correctly, but they can be hard to fix if you make an error.

Instead of ripping up the carpet and repainting right away, start out by thinking about the final look and feel you’d like for the room. Head to Baby’s Own Room and check out the array of bedding, pillows and other small accessories you can buy to accent your child’s nursery. Once you find a few elements you feel happy with, you can move on to bigger and more exciting decisions.


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Black & White Crib Bedding

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I made a new lens if you haven’t already checked out our great selection of black, white crib bedding at Baby’s Own Room then check out this lens.  Black, White Crib Bedding it has a lot of great decor ideas if you are looking to create a classic black & white nursery.

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