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Black Friday Sale @ Baby’s Own Room

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Baby’s Own Room has a lot of exciting new items coming on board!  But first we would like to point out that we are having a HUGE Black Friday Sale.  Take 40% OFF ALL baby bedding, crib bedding and room accessories for the hottest new brand One Grace Place!

Due to popularity some items MAY be out of stock…some things in life are worth waiting for but don’t wait for this. Get down to Baby’s Own Room and get shopping!  Sale starts Friday 11/23/2012.

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One Grace Place News!

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One Grace Place was a proud participant at the Omaha’s Baby Fair.  Where they feature local vendors and companies who specialize in Baby information and products.  One Grace Place was the ONLY  Baby Bedding company on the floor, and enjoyed hearing great feedback from consumers.  They loved the collections, loved the fabrics.  “It was so much fun putting our products in the hands of ladies who loved our collections” – Crystal Campbell, Director of Design.  To hear direct feedback on products is priceless.

And now Baby’s Own Room is now a proud retailer of the One Grace Place name brand.  They offer a great collection of baby bedding crib sets, so stop by Baby’s Own Room and see what all the fuss is about!

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A Barrel of Fun!

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Say hello to Christopher Wayne.   This little guy was born 9/14/2012 and just barely over 6 pounds, Mama’s little monkey (as she calls him).  His father (an avid rock climber) hopes that Christopher will fall in love with the sport as he did.  He’s looking forward to climbing trips with his son, when he’s old enough and with mother’s permission of course.

I can just see him now scaling the walls of El Capitan, but for now he mostly sleeps in his mama’s warm arms or in his crib that is decked out Monkey style.  His mama choose the Monkey Collection crib bedding set and what a great choice – fits this little guys personality perfectly!  Stop by Baby’s Own Room and see what’s new!

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Wheels, Wheels and Tires!

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We have some awesome new crib bedding sets at Baby’s Own Room so come check us out!  Teyo’s Tires is just one of many new items we now offer.  This crib bedding is luxury at its finest!  This bedding set has got to be one of my personal favorites.  They have turned a boring throw pillow into a tire and the crib bumper fabric looks like pounded sheet metal!  Super cute, creative and unique.  If you are looking for something different for your baby boys bedding…look no further.  Teyo’s Tires is something to get the guys excited too, I know my husband would love to see this in the nursery.

The designer offers a complete line of luxurious products designed specifically to “live in luxury” in all areas of life.  Their motto, “bringing comfort without losing style to your home.”  They use signature fabrics in an array of colors, textures and styles that are sure to stimulate all the senses!  Baby’s Own Room is excited to now offer these luxurious crib bedding sets and accessories to our customers, our friends and our families.

What are you waiting for?  Click on the picture below to see the ENTIRE collection.

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