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My Father…

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My father, had two sons before me. I came long after my oldest brother and shortly after the second oldest. In our house we all had the same opportunities, same rules, well I probably had a few more than my brothers being the only and youngest girl.

My dad is a calm quite man of few words but when he laughs really hard he sounds like Cheetah from Tarzan. He has a way of pronouncing words to his own liking, and rewording famous quotes, therefore making them his own. He is an avid chess player, tinkerer of electronics, a real Evel Knievel model airplane pilot and Warrior of Mech.

He is strong, loyal, thoughtful and hard working. He treats my mother with respect and always made sure that we had food on the table, clothes on our back and a comfortable roof over our head. This meant sacrifice and my dad knows all about sacrifice. We never went without, I remember my brothers getting brand new dirt bikes (motorcycles) for Christmas and I

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