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Baby’s Bed in a Bag Won’t Break the Budget!

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It won’t be long until that day is here when we celebrate and honor our Mothers. I don’t mean just our Mothers, which we do, of course, but all Mothers as it is truly the most honorable, and might I add sometimes seemingly thankless, task we ever undertake. I hope this banner will give you a reminder to not forget those women in your life who have molded you.

Perhaps, you are about to become a new mother, yourself. What an exciting time in your life this is for you. You are at once filled with joy and anticipation and fear and trepidation. What a whole new set of responsibilities you will have! Of course, your first concern is a healthy and well baby, then your next concern is providing a safe, secure environment for him or her (or one of each!). Along with that all new mommies (and daddies too) want to have an adorable nursery for their little one, but they want to do it on their budget. In today’s economic environment that is paramount.

You always feel like your have been a good shopper when you purchase quality at a fair price and accomplish your task. When purchasing bedding for your little one, why not purchase everything as a set, in one bag, at one time, and be done. This way you will know everything matches the way you want and exact matching accessories are available to enhance your look. Just as we buy a “bed in a bag” for our own beds, you can do the same for your baby. At Baby’s Own Room we have many “crib in a bag” sets to choose from such as the Noah’s Ark set above.

Noah’s Ark is a perfect set to buy because the theme can transition beyond the crib onto the toddler bed. This six piece set offers you a crib sheet, comforter, bumper pads with ties, bed skirt, valance and diaper stacker. Available accessories include a crib mobile, pillow and accompanying throw. This quality set is from designer, Jessica Breedlove and will last your child through the toddler stage.

So stop in to our store, Baby’s Own Room and check out Noah’s Ark and other crib bedding sets from Jessica Breedlove and Beansprout. Purchase quality at value prices and decorate your nursery within your budget. We also feature Child Craft baby furniture collections, Ecobaby organic mattresses and solid maple cribs. You can outfit your whole nursery in our store.

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