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Classic Yet Trendy – Think Black for Baby’s Crib

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Watterson Lifetime Crib. Now you can have fashion and the quality offered in every Child Craft Crib.

I have been quite surprised at the number of young parents who have contacted Baby’s Own Room looking for black cribs. To my delight, Child Craft has several of their cribs available in black. Sometimes, I think we forget that black is such a great basic color and is perfect for the Lifetime Crib as it converts to toddler and full bed with each growth stage of your child. Just about any color or style of bedding will be complemented by a black bed. So, if this is perhaps not something you may have initially thought of visit our store and check it out. Here are some of the great features this crib has to offer.

This simple yet elegant arch design crib is completely stationary, meaning there is no moving drop side mechanism to fumble with. It converts easily into a toddler bed with the removal of the front side assembly.

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Pure-Rest Organics

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After you have researched, shopped and purchased your crib, the next important item is a great mattress. There are many to choose from, a quick trip with Google will show you the large array available. There are the traditional coil or innerspring mattresses, or foam but the one crib mattress that is growing in popularity with parents is the organic style. They are growing in popularity too with us at Baby’s Own Room and we feature Ecobaby from Pure-Rest Organics.

Pure-Rest and Ecobaby’s standard innerspring crib mattress (see picture opposite) is the required 6″ thick and meets all safety requirements set forth by the CPSC. Features an inner wool layer quilted to the organic cotton outer for natural flame retardantcy to meet federal guidelines. Inside is a 242 coil count spring system. The springs are not coated with any toxic oils. The organic cotton is long staple and hand-picked. The wool is sheared off of sheep who are healthy and organically raised . These high quality materials are what set Pure Rest mattresses apart from the less quality mattresses made from inferior wool. Most non-organic mattresses are made of PVC, polyester and foam. They are then doused with flame-retardant chemicals and PBDE’s. These chemicals have been banned in many places.

Pure Rest only uses the Latex Green natural rubber cores. After many years of research, Pure Rest has found that these cores are the most natural in existence. No artificial vanillin (petrochemical) and no fillers as found in Talalay natural rubber cores. No benzene, toluene, or pthalates as found in many other Dunlop processed natural rubber. Pure Rest works hard to make sure their mattresses are toxin free and even the most chemically sensitive can easily enjoy these mattress lines

This mattress is just what parents need for a safe, durable sleeping surface for their baby at any age. Features European supple organic cotton outer. Flippable, these mattresses are recommended for youngsters 0-6 years. Pure Rest has been producing chemical free crib mattresses for 13 years.

You, as a parent, must make the final decision as to what type of crib mattress your baby, toddler or youngster will sleep on each night when you tuck him into bed. Whether you choose the traditional coil, foam or organic mattress, remember it is your responsibility to research your choices based on safety, necessity and affordability. If your baby or child has allergies or sensitivities to chemicals you may want to seriously consider the organic solution. And as always, remember it is a good idea to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for any important information on any baby item you may be looking to purchase or may already own.

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