Investment Baby Furniture

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First, let me wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas from Baby’s Own Room. Are you or someone you know having a baby in 2009? If so, let me give you something to think about while shopping for your baby’s first room.

I am sure you have heard of investment dressing. You know, that is where you buy better pieces of clothing that are classic styles that you can keep around for more than one fashion season. Have you considered the same principle holds true when purchasing baby furniture. At first blush, that seems a bit silly as your baby is only small for a short while and then you move on to a toddler bed, a twin or full bed, etc. Each time purchasing a newer bigger bed and the dresser, nightstand or perhaps a desk.

Now you can purchase baby furniture with the same principle in mind – investment baby furniture. A lifetime bed, or convertible bed as they are sometimes called, is a crib that will convert to a toddler bed by removing one side and adding a guard rail. When your child is ready for a “big kid” bed, be it a twin, full or now even a queen, you purchase the coordinating rails and use the existing crib sides for head and foot board. You are using the same bed from infancy through college, if you wish.

There are whole room ensembles now created around a lifetime crib or bed. With the purchase of matching furniture pieces that are now available, such as the dressing bureau shown above, you will have your child’s room purchased and ready for use, comfort and enjoyment for years to come.

Why is the dressing bureau so perfect? It serves double duty, multi tasking if you will, and in our world today it is important to have multipurpose items in our home. The six drawer dresser shown above becomes a changing table with the addition of a matching dressing kit or changing kit that can be attached to the dressing table for use during the diaper period a of child’s life. When no longer needed, it is removed and stored.

The above six drawer dresser is from the Rose Valley Collection by Child Craft Industries. It is a new collection that celebrates the beautiful simplicity of mission design in a beautiful Abby Oak finish. It will be available for purchase in February, 2009. You can see the Rose Valley Lifetime Crib and matching pieces at Baby’s Own Room.

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