10 Parenting Tips to Make Life with your Little Ones Easier

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All parents get to a point in their child’s upbringing where they think, “Why isn’t there a manual for this!” While there isn’t a manual you can find all kinds of tips and tricks on your favorite social networking sites. The idea of “Life Hacks” have come about, and are changing everyone’s life for the better. A life hack is a tip or trick that others have learned, either the easy  or hard way, and are now sharing with the world to help others with the intricacies of life. I love this idea of sharing tips that will make our lives easier! I put together a list of 10 of my favorite parenting “life hacks” that are bound to keep your stress levels a little lower. I hope they will inspire you to get creative when it comes to raising your little ones.

  1. Bathe the kiddos inside of a laundry basket instead of the bath tub. You will use less water and it’s easier for baby to reach toys that will float closely to them.
  2. Have a budding photographer on your hands? Give your child one of your old iPhones to use as a camera.
  3. If your child is struggling with handwriting, practice hanging from the monkey bars, it helps with hand eye and fine motor coordination.
  4. Looking for a fun rainy day activity? Make a fan fort  and read or make up silly stories while lounging inside with your children.
  5. If you always forget what size shoe your child wears – trace your kiddo’s feet, tuck the drawing inside your handbag, then pull it out when you are shopping without your child.
  6. Repurpose an old pool noodle and use it as a toddler door stopper, they are perfect for keeping little fingers safe from slamming doors!
  7. Keep a small bag of colored pencils, mini notepads, card games, and brain teasers in your handbag for long waits at the doctor’s office.
  8. Freeze a BPA free teether, then bring it out to soothe baby’s mouth during the teething stage.
  9. Use a shoe caddy on the back of the driver and passenger seat in the car to organize  games, books and snacks f0r long car rides.
  10. Bundle all of your weekly errands into one day.  This way you get all of your grocery shopping, bank deposits, doctor’s appointments and other errands taken care of in one trip, leaving you the rest of the week to spend with your family!

Thinking creativity when it comes to living a better life is essential – especially with little ones in tow! What are your favorite parenting tips or tricks?

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